HârnMaster Gold: Bestiary

Price: $20.00

By N. Robin Crossby
PDF document
138 pages (illustrated)

The HârnMaster Gold Bestiary provides details on the creatures and beasts of the world of Hârn.

The bestiary has eight sections:

  • Beasts
  • Elementals
  • Ethereals, Spirits & the Demi-Divine
  • Folk
  • Gârgún
  • Ìvashú
  • Mythic Creatures
  • The Undead

Each section has an introductory article as well as articles for each creature. There are fifty-eight creatures, each described in its own article (so you can rearrange them as you see fit). All the creatures in the Bestiary can be generated in different ways, so the total number of possible creatures is very great.

The bestiary also includes rules to generate whole new species randomly.

This PDF edition has a fully interactive set of bookmarks. Just click on a bookmark and you're there. The Bestiary is also completely printable, if you prefer the feel of a rulebook at your gaming table.

The bestiary is illustrated throughout with beautiful full-colour woodcut-style artwork.