HârnMaster Gold: Shèk-Pvâr

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By N. Robin Crossby et al
PDF document
174 pages (illustrated)

HârnMaster Gold: Shèk-Pvâr describes the Kéthiran magic system, providing information, rules, and spells in one volume for the first time.

The Ancient, Esoteric Orders of the Shèk-Pvâr have existed for millennia. Their subtle machinations and activities reach throughout the Kéthrian Family of Worlds. No one knows the true extent of the Shèk-Pvâr, but it is hard to imagine Kèthîra without them.

Shèk-Pvâr includes rules and environment (greatly revised and expanded from the Second Edition), more than 200 spells with over 500 bonus effects. There are new articles on Artefacts (including a step by step process for their creation) and on Arcanists (about western Lýthia’s most notable scholars). The module includes sections on research (creating new spells), the nature of magic and how it affects the world, and much more!

Enriched Magick is an extensive set of optional rules which GMs can use to finely tune the very nature of magic in their worlds.

This PDF edition has a fully interactive set of bookmarks. Just click on a bookmark and you're there.

It is also completely printable in colour or black and white if you prefer the feel of a rulebook at your gaming table.