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Robin's map of Beldîra

It's time for another Premium Content item: We present the third of N. Robin Crossby's previously unreleased town maps, a map of the Huriséan town of Beldîra. With a population of around 15,000, Beldîra is the largest settlement in all of Quârphor. The map nicely illustrates the unusual town location, being mostly built accross a cluster of islands in the Tîrga River. Just like the previous two maps, this map is unlabelled and presented exactly the way that Robin left it to us.

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A fresh new face: a look at the covers of HârnMaster: Kèthîra

We hope you are as excited about the upcoming HârnMaster: Kèthîra as we are. In addition to expanding on the game mechanics, this new edition also features a fresh publishing style. Central to this, of course, are the covers, and we'd like to share with you a look at the front and back of both the Standard Edition and the Collector's Edition.

Please click on the thumbnail to the right, or the button below, to open a gallery of various impressions of the HMK cover (including a few interior page renderings).

Standard Edition: A weathered-faced shaman of the tribal Great Alts. A mysterious mail-clad knight of Kandáy. A noble-born Shénti mage from the learned Pèleáhn chantry of Zerúla. An undervalued strength of the skill-based system of HârnMaster has been its allowance for players to create unique characters from a variety of cultures who express a wide array of talents and vocations. While NPCs like Génin, Lóthrim, and King Míginath have become well-known to veteran Hârn gamers, we felt it time to place front and center the true heart of the tabletop role-playing experience: evocative player characters.

Collector's Edition: The Pvâric Wheel plays an important role in both versions of the new cover layout, but is expressly highlighted -- in platinum foiling -- in the Collector's edition. It is one of the most important symbols for the nature of the arcane, recognized by scholars throughout all of Lýthia (maybe all of Kèthîra), and we think it is also one of the most recognizable elements of HârnWorld lore for our Terran readers. Inspired by the Grey Masters of the Shèk-Pvâr who have attained equal skill in all convocations represented in the Wheel, our design goal with HMK is to provide an all-encompassing rules system for exploring all regions of Kèthîra.

As usual, we're looking forward to your feedback -- via our forums, our Discord community, or e-mail. Please stay tuned for announcements about the date of the PDF release and hardback pre-order.

Two more noblewomen join the ranks

The imminent HârnMaster: Kèthîra is not the only exciting product KP has in the pipeline for you: Kingdom of Palíthanè will describe this important Lýthian realm in full detail for the first time.

Today we'd like to share with you two additional entries in our Palíthanè Character Vignettes series: the Princess of Gwéfyn and the Countess of Ántivel. With these two powerful noblewomen added to the selection, you can now get acquainted with a a total of eight major figures of Palíthanèr politics. You can find these and all other character vignettes in the Free Stuff→Lore section.

Considerable progress has been made on the Kingdom of Palíthanè module. Development and the first draft of the text is largely complete, and the kingdom map is being finalized. The remaining steps are editing, layout, and illustration. We anticipate being able to release the module in early 2025.

We hope you have been enjoying the vignettes of leading political leaders in the realm. If you have any thoughts about the module or the vignettes, let us know via our forums, our Discord community, or e-mail. Look for more previews of Palíthanè in the coming months.

Keléstia Productions E-mail Announcements

As an additional way of keeping you updated, we have recently launched a newsletter we call "E-mail Announcements". These Announcements will be brief messages informing you of product releases and other important HârnWorld and HârnMaster news.

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HârnMaster Preview 7

Time flies -- especially when you're highly busy finishing up the latest edition of HârnMaster. That's right, it's almost ready for release, but there are still a few final details that need to be taken care of. We'll keep you informed on the dates of these last stages, but we're looking to finalize the PDF version for download in June, which will include bundled pre-orders of both Standard and Collector's Edition hard copies (those images to come soon).

On the upside, this gives us the opportunity of sharing with you another spotlight preview of the system. This one is about shamanism and is a response to a fan request. While shamanism was treated simply as another form of religious practice in previous HM editions, N. Robin Crossby always envisioned it as a 'grey area' between magic (the arcane) and miracles (the divine). HMK is finally addressing this idea by making shamanism a more specific type of supernatural activity. It is now the preeminent example of what is called the Astral Mysteries, practices involving out-of-body trips to the spirit world called astral journeys. Shamans usually employ the new esoteric skill Trance to reach such a state, whereupon they beseech great spirit entities for power they can later wield in the physical world.

Preview 7 consists of two primary downloads: the preview brochure containing an overview of shamanism and astral journeys (2 pages), and the first page of Kyho of the Kath, a sample shaman player character generated by Kelestia Production's Ken Snellings. The files can be downloaded from the Free Stuff→Previews section.

The first page of the sample shaman, Kyho, also introduces a new character sheet designed by graphic artist, and Hârn gamemaster, Paul Klassen. We're quite excited about his contribution and would like to share a blank version of his two-page design (included alongside the other downloads).

Let us know what you think via our forum, our Discord server, or e-mail.