An Introduction to Hârn

This introduction is designed to help gamers who are new to the HârnWorld and/or HârnMaster role-playing system.

Hârn and HârnWorld

Hârn is the name of an island on the fantasy world of Kèthîra; it has similarities to 9th-13th Century Britain and Europe, but it is also has many original features that people will be entertained as they expore Hârn and HârnWorld.

The world combines classical fantasy elements like wizards, dwarves, elves and dragons with new and interesting myths, folklore and creatures, and credible aspects of historical Earth to create a believable, often harsh and dangerous, mediaeval world. Magic works and players live their (game) lives amidst deep myth and enduring legend.

Kèthîra: the World of Hârn is part of the vision of its creator, N. Robin Crossby. It is famous for consistency and attention to detail. It is a world whose depth and scope are second to none.

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While all environmental material in the World of Hârn may be used with other role-playing rules, HârnMaster has been created by N. Robin Crossby to be used with the World of Hârn, and thus matches Kèthîra in terms of detail, logic, and consistency. At the same time, it is certainly possible to use HârnMaster with worlds or environments other than Kèthîra: the World of Hârn. Some of HârnMaster's highlights are:

  • A sophisticated character generation system that lets you create believable multi-faceted characters that feel like real people (even elves and dwarves).
  • A flexible and intuitive skill-driven system that uses the same basic mechanism in all situations; characters advance not in abstract levels but by learning and doing.
  • A realistic, common sense combat system that is dynamic, detailed, and deadly; weapon strikes produce actual graphic injuries.
  • An intuitive religion system where priests are not just a different kind of spellcaster but strongly reflect their beliefs and cults.
  • An open and flexible magic system based on arcane and esoteric principles.
  • A modular design that lets GMs add, subtract or modify sections without 'breaking' the system. HârnMaster comes with many 'optional' rules so GMs can easily adjust the system to fit whatever style of role-playing suits them.

HârnMaster can be used with other fantasy game worlds or even with other genres.

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Where should I start? What do I need to play?

Depending on the rules system you are planning to use and depending on the region of Kèthîra where you want to set (or start) your campaign you will need different modules to provide the necessary background. You can browse and purchase modules from the Products section of this website.


Our core module for HârnWorld is Venârivè: Northwestern Lýthia. This is supported by two free modules which provide an introduction to Venârivè (the region where the island of Hârn is located):

  • Venârivè Player Guide, a 20-page guide for players to the Venârivè region.
  • Venârivè Index, a 30-page reference index, included in the main product, but also available as a stand-alone download.

The full world of Kèthîra, including the wider continent of Lýthia, is described in Kèthîra: World of Hârn.

The island kingdom of Chélemby provides an excellent base for Gamemasters and players from which to explore HârnWorld. It is described in a series of publications and free downloads, including a player guide.

Finally, we provide a high quality interactive map of the island of Hârn.


You can use any fantasy roleplaying rules system you like with HârnWorld, but of course HârnMaster is specifically designed for this purpose.

We provide four products in the HârnMaster range. HârnMaster Gold: Player Edition is the starter product.

Other Products

Explore our Products section for details on all modules.

We hope you will enjoy exploring and gaming in the world of Hârn...

See you there!