What is Keléstia Productions?

Keléstia Productions Ltd is the company owned by the family and estate of the creator of Hârn, N. Robin Crossby, which is tasked with fulfilling Robin's vision for the world of Hârn, Kèthîra and for the HârnMaster rules system. (On the world of Hârn, "Keléstia" is the scholars' name for the multiverse, the cosmic all containing everything.)

Kelestia Productions is largely a volunteer-run organisation, with many contributors making up the team known as HârnMakers. Some of the key personnel involved are:

Jeremy Baker – Project Director
Ken Snellings – Assistant Director
Rob Duff – Technical Director
Arien Crossby – Family / Estate representative
Jan Schulze Elshoff – Webmaster

The income from sales of Kelestia Productions products goes mainly to cover the costs of production, principally artists, and provide (small) royalty payments to the estate of N. Robin Crossby.