Kèthîra: World of Hârn

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By Crossby, Baker, Schmunk et al
PDF document
58 pages (illustrated, landscape format).

Kèthîra: World of Hârn is a comprehensive description of the world where the misty island of Hârn is located.

It provides details of all three continents of this world - Lýthia, Mêrnat and Kámerand, and vast worlds beyond. It describes the rise and fall of empires and peoples throughout history in maps and chronology.

This module, through fifteen, full-colour, full-page maps and accompanying text, describes the history, politics, geography, climate, precipitation, winds, currents, tectonics and natural vegetation of the whole world of Kèthîra. Also covered are the night skies, and the Kéthrian family of Worlds.

List of Contents

  • General Map of Kèthîra - map and text describing the regions of the world, covering the major areas of the three continents of Lýthia, Mêrnat and Kámerand. Includes an index of all regions mentioned on the map.
  • Climate Zones - map and text describing the climatic zones of the world, from polar to the tropics.
  • Annual Precipitation - map and text describing the distribution of rainfall across the continents.
  • Natural Vegetation - map and text describing the varieties of vegetation found in different regions.
  • Oceanic Currents - map and text showing the major currents flowing through the world's seas and oceans, critical to the flow of trade and exploration.
  • Winds - map and text showing the prevailing winds in different regions, equally important to seaborne travel and local weather.
  • Tectonics - map and text showing the location of areas prone to vulcanism and earthquakes, and describing the impact on local populations.
  • Earliest Cultures - map identifying the location of the very earliest civilisation, with accompanying text that describes the Earthmasters and Elder Folk - Sindârin, Khúzdul, and the Yêrazai.
  • Ancient Civilisations - map and description of the location of the earliest emergences of human cultures and civilisations, from the Molkûri Ziggurat culture in the east to the Yârhin or Henge culture in the west. Also included is an overview of the earliest civilisations of Kámerand, the Yérazh, Hârazai, and Hôrezh.
  • Major Polities TR1 - a map and description of the major political entities in existence in TR1, including the Járind, Zonâran, Azéri and Kàruía states of western Lýthia; the larger empires of Diramóa and Káneum in the east, and the Golden Empire of Yérazhen on Kámerand.
  • Major Polities TR474 - overview of the major political entities at the height of Kèthîra's greatest empire, Ázeryàn, which now dominates almost all of the Venârian Sea. At this date, Diramóa has also grown substantially, and new states have emerged in Anzélôria and southeastern Lýthia.
  • Major Polities TR720 - descriptions and map of the major states and kingdoms in existence in present day Kèthîra.
  • Languages - map of the distribution of language groups and major languages across the globe.
  • The Night Skies - map of the stars and constellations visible from the two hemispheres of Kèthira, as well as a description of the Nólomàr star system of which Kèthîra is a part.
  • The Kéthrian Family - a description of the worlds ethereally connected to Kèthîra, including Terra, Sherém, Lósenor, Midgaad, Yàsháin and the Blessed Realm. Includes a map showing the nexus of connections between these and other worlds.
  • Kèthîra Chronology - a comprehensive chronology of key events in the history of Kèthîra from BT15,000 to the present day (TR720). Includes nearly 300 entries, covering major events from across the globe.
  • Venârivè - a map showing the distribution of regions across north-west Lýthia, aka Venârivè, the area including Ivínia, Hârn, Tríerzòn, Ázeryàn and the Venârian Sea.