Kôrlúa Gazetteer – Hèpekéria's Tenacious Reach

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Regional map and gazetteer of the northwestern region of Hèpekéria. Covers the kingdoms of Kôrlúa and Charinátrè, the autarchy of Isýnen, and the lands of the Numec sub-nations of Íwil and Lawâta.

A hard land breeds tenacious folk, and on the edge of Venârivè is a land of adamant – a land only for the dogged, the resolute, the indefatigable. Here the advance of the invincible Ázeryàn legions stopped and the raids of the rapacious Ivínians petered out. Today the descendants of these frustrated invaders still roil and rage against each other, the indomitable Kôrlic peoples, and the fierce desert Númec. There is no place in this land of perpetual tumult for the foolish and weak, but for the clever and strong there is no limit to what ambition can achieve.

This module includes an electronic map suitable for printing at 50 cm × 37.5 cm (20” × 15”). Over 70 geographical locations are described.

This publication is part of the Atlas Venârivè Series, which supports Venârivè: Northwestern Lýthia.

NW Hèpekéria Map