Lédenheim: Clans & Folk

Price: $15.00

By Robert Schmunk and Jeremy Baker, with illustrations by Juha Makkonen and Ganbat Badamkhand.
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50 pages (illustrated in color), including a map of the freeholds of Lédenheim and a full page heraldic display of the great clans' badges

Lédenheim: Clans & Folk is a supplement designed for use with Hârbáaler Kingdom of Lédenheim, available separately right here at Keléstia Productions.

This fifty-page module includes descriptions of the forty-four great clans of the kingdom plus seven other prominent clans. Profiles are also given of forty-eight important and interesting folk, including all members of the royal family and of the royal council plus other military leaders, ship captains, tribesmen, foreign emissaries, priests, mystics, entertainers, spies and thieves.

Gamemasters will find this publication an invaluable resource for scenario ideas and plot details for adventures set in the kingdom of Lédenheim, in the neighbouring Hârbáaler kingdoms or Huriséan wilderness, or elsewhere around the Gulf of Shôrkýnè.


A preview of Lédenheim: Clans & Folk is available for download here.