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Legends of Venârivè — The Tears of Irúla

In northwest Trierzon, the triangle between the Gaden and Urven Rivers is an area much visited by Laranian pilgrims. Three adjacent esards on the border between Ilbra and Senedalo — Irulane, Yras and Tiridh — are home to abbeys of three different orders of the Laranian church.

Irulane abbey is the traditionally recognised birthplace of Saint Irula, a Trierzi maiden who lived about six centuries ago. The...

Tára: Chapter 5 - Joining the Heron

City of KâremusKâremus, Álagon, 3 Halánè, TR716

Unseasonably cold and miserable rain splashed down on the outer wharf of Kâremus. Tára pulled her cloak tighter, but it did little to keep her warm.

She glanced back bitterly once more at the ship tied up at the wharf. The captain and senior crew seemed to have already forgotten her as they busied themselves about unloading the ship.


Tára: Chapter 4 - Wolves of the Sea

Badge of the Pilot's GuildEastern Venârian Sea; 20 Halánè TR715

Tára looked out over the handrail of the Kald Blyst, back towards the Degéla estuary and the rapidly fading outline of the islands and docks of the city of Janôra. It had been good to see her old city, and her family, once again after many years away.

They had left the Janôra docks with the rising tide towards the end of the...

Legends of Venârivè — The Târensten and the Weirding Wood

A great megalith called the Târensten crowns the south end of a great hill just across the Shârl River from Zýna, in northwestern Lédenheim. It stands about thirty feet high. In attendance about its base are four smaller standing stones, each standing just a bit taller than a man.

The great stone's name was given by the Ivínians who first immigrated into the area in the TR390s and means...

Tára: Chapter 3 - The College

TrepûraLádo College, Trepûra, Shôrkýnè; 11 Ilvín TR709


Tára looked up from the rutter she had been examining, and saw a handsome young man standing on the other side of the long table she at which she was seated.

“Do you ever stop reading, bookworm?”, the young man queried.

Tára scowled.

“Hêral, do you ever read at all?”, she replied.

“Not if I can help it...

Night People

Priest of NavéhWandering rural travellers, the Night People are well-known, little understood, and widely hated or feared. The night people travel in family groups in black wagons festooned with brightly coloured flags and painted images. Periodically, they stop to trade with local villagers, and occasionally they tarry for a while, hosting nightly revels until the authorities drive them on because of an increase...

Legends of Venârivè — The Long Night in Bélda


The use of Tuzyn's Reckoning for counting the years has spread to much of northwest Venårivè, but there remain many thinly settled areas where it is barely known. Indeed, in some places, the locals do not even regard the new year as starting on the vernal equinox. In the wilds of Huriséa and Quârphor, for example, the winter solstice marks the new year, for it is that dread night that lasts the longest, and...

Tára: Chapter 2 - Finding the Search

StarlightJanôra, Tríerzòn, 7 Savôr TR706 (Day after the Kesémè)

Tára looked up at the roof of the temple’s massive main hall. It was studded with countless jewelled 'stars', interwoven with metallic patterns that were so complex that following them often led one to confusion. She had often considered these patterns, and wondered at the work that had gone into them, as well as their meaning.


Tára: Chapter 1 - A Promising Child

Janôra Region

Janôra, Tríerzòn, 10 Laránè TR702



An old woman hurried along a long wooden corridor, calling as she looked worriedly from side to side.

“Where are you girl?”

She halted at the foot of a long staircase that disappeared up into the gloom.

“Are you up there again, Tára? You know your father doesn’t like you going up there!”...

Captain Marden's Tale: Part 7 - Home on the Waves

Chélemby HarbourThe seagulls whirled overhead and their cries filled the morning as Kesél made his way across the Péngefîrkant, the market square of Chélemby city. It was early morning, and the stall holders were setting up for the day's trading. Clouds scudded overhead, and a cool breeze blew in from the harbour, bringing the smells and sounds of the docks.

He carried a small packet under his arm, which he had...