Menêma Gazetteer - Hèpekéria's Maritime Crossroads

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Regional map and gazetteer of the northeastern region of Hèpekéria. Covers the Kingdoms of Menêma, Dýsor, Geména and Vítho, and the wild lands of Dálani. Also outlines the Númec lands of the Lawâta and 'Air tribes, and the subsidiary realm, Azúwirat.

The northeastern coastal regions of Hèpekéria are separated from the Great Eastern Erg (or desert) by the Dalayna mountains and are comparatively cool and wet.

To the sailors who visit the shores of the Hèpekérian Northeast, no other land seems so clement. The mild weather, the fragrant citrus groves, the lovely (and sometimes snow-dusted) mountains are sure to entice any traveller. But in paradise, as much as in perdition, foolishness can be fatal and the wise trust only in their own mettle.

This module includes an electronic map suitable for printing at 50cmx37.5cm (20”x15”).

Nearly 100 geographical locations are described.

This publication is part of the Atlas Venârivè Series, which supports Venârivè: Northwestern

NE Hèpekéria Map