Ikaras of the Dhiriki

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This is an important character of the "Curse of Hlen" adventure. He is a Gray Mage. First thing I noticed about him is that he has the Fade spell in all Convocations and Neutral: Savorya (level 4), Lyahvi (Level 3), Odivshe (Level 3), Peleahn (Level 3), Fyvria (Level 3), Jmorvi (Level 1), and Neutral (Level 3). I conclude from this and the age of the adventure module that Ikaras was "built" under Harnmaster First Edition rules. Unfortunately I no longer have that document. It looks like Fade is a Common/Neutral Multilevel spell, given the data above. There's another thread here that speaks of Fade having got "lost in the shuffle" over the years. Since I no longer remember what it did, I have no problem just ignoring it, though I am curious if someone has a spell description he can share (hopefully there's no copyright problem).

The other thing I noticed is that Ikaras' Convocational Affinities (SP3.0, page 1) seem to have been different in HM1 than they would be in HMG. For example, his SB for a Level 1 Savoryan spell on his character sheet in the adventure is 16, while using HMG I calculate it as (22+22+17)/3=20+3 (Sunsign mod, Tai/Skorus) -1 (Complexity Level) = 22. Here's the whole list, SB for level 1 spells, HM1 vs. HMG.

Savorya: 16 vs. 22, Lyahvi: 13 vs. 16, Odivshe: 15 vs. 17, Peleahn: 11 vs. 10, Fyvria: 13 vs. 11, Jmorvi: 11 vs. 5, Neutral 19 vs, 13

The character sheet seems to list his [em]original[/em] skill bases. Did HM1 have the "once you go Gray, all spells are treated as neutral" rule? If so, wouldn't *all* his SB's for level 1 spells be 19? Also, it looks like the -6 Relative Convocational Modifier was 0 in HM1. In HMG, if I haven't messed up, it would remain, so his SB for all level 1 spells would be 13 (20-6-1).

Have I got this right, or am I missing something?

One other question: anyone know where I can find a copy of "The Staff of Fanon"? It's out of print, and the only one I'm missing from the three part adventure. I used to have a copy, but.... :-(

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BTW, Ikaras knows a lot of spells, but then he's over 300 years old. :-)

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The conversion to Grey Magic in HM1 works the same as it does in HMG: The SBs of all spells are recalculated as if they were neutral, and the convocation modifier for neutral spells is -6 here as well (and not 0).

As for a "Staff of Fanon" copy: You will probably be able to find it on eBay or at some online second-hand bookstores. It's probably very pricey, though. Also, someone over on HârnForum might have a copy they're willing to sell.