Common spells and Gray Magic

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So your Viran knows all seven versions of the Feel (for example) spell at different mastery levels and probably different complexity levels too. When he goes gray, all these spells become neutral spells for him, with the same skill base, but they keep their mastery levels.

Does the Gray Mage consider all these spells the same neutral spell? The spell description says a convocational feel can only detect enchantments of its own convocation, but if the spell is (as far as the Gray Mage is concerned) neutral, wouldn't it act as the neutral version of the spell?

For example, Ikaras of the Dhiriki has the following versions: Savorya 6/87. Lyahvi 2/73, Odivshe 2/51, Peleahn 2/67, Fyvria 2/63, Jmorvi 1/47, Neutral 4/83. If these are all treated as neutral, would you still need the original Savoryan version to detect Savoryan enchantments, and the original Jmorvi version to detect Jmorvi enchantments? If not, if you could use any of the spells to detect any (convocational?) enchantment, would you not keep the strongest one and let the others lapse?

If your answer is that the Gray Mage still needs to keep all the convocational versions and use them as he did before he became gray to detect enchantments of the spell's original convocation, then what happens at ML 71, when the spell "can detect non-convocational magic". Would object element penalties still apply. Or would (in Ikaras' case), his best version, originally Savoryan, become a universal "detects any enchantment" spell?

I tend to think he should have to keep them all, not that one version should become a "universal" spell. What say the assembled Virana?

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At ML 71+ the spell works on non-convocational magic. I take this to mean that it works on all SP magics and other magics, too, at full ML (with possible object element modifiers to EML). The Complexity Level limit still applies, so you would generally want to keep only the best set - Highest ML at highest complexity you have, plus lower complexities, perhaps, if of higher ML. Ultimately, one Complexity VII version at ML 71+ should suffice for everything...

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Okay, I guess that works. Thanks.