Palíthanè Characters: Elbýn alrí Rádsen

Elbýn alrí Rádsen, Earl (Válnâr) of Méngovik, is an extremely devout Laránian, a trait he acquired from his mother, Lárena (from clan Chaârsen). His wife, Gwýnel (from clan Ásteryn) also hails from a powerful Laránian clan. Both his mother and wife have relatives who are Laránian bishops. His aunt Ída is the Queen Mother of the present King of Palíthanè.

Upon becoming Earl some nine years ago, he made it clear that he would be promoting Laránian virtues and authority in his domain. Earl Elbýn has increasingly pushed for Laránian temples to be established within and across his vassal’s domains to “provide the nobles and common folk of my fief with the choices guaranteed them by the Oath of Bjan”. Aged 37, he is a vigorous Earl in his prime, and he firmly believes he is in the right.

This has brought him into conflict with his less devout vassals and particularly those of other faiths: his Àgríkan vassals, clan Pârasèn, barons of Mengéva and Pálinut; and his Sárajìnian vassals, clan Târaskor, barons of Delfís and Swilt.

Both the Pârasèn and Târaksor have good relations with the Crown (two Pârasèn clan members are governors for the Crown; and a Târaskor is Captain of the Royal Marines); so cannot be easily bullied. The neighbouring Earl of Hárigol has also supported his co-religionists and his relatives in clan Pârasèn. But the conflict has grown worse with each passing year (missing persons, arsons, beatings and other conflict are reported on both sides). All sides point to the 'Oath of Bjan' as guaranteeing religious freedoms - the question is who gets to determine what this means.