Palíthanè Characters: Avaârl alrí Zylósen

Avaârl alrí Zylósen, Earl (Válnâr) of Hárigol, is the most senior Àgríkan noble in the realm. Born in 658, the 62 year old is the 8th Earl of Hárigol. He succeeded to the earldom in 695, inheriting the title from his long-lived mother Sîrana, who ruled for 39 years, and was the third female Válnâr since the earldom was created in 519. Strong women play a key role in the leadership of the clan, and daughters are just as likely to inherit the earldom as sons.

Avaârl was the second son of Sîrana and Pâar fal Ekên fyr Pâserin, a Chéler Àgríkan 13 years her junior. Pâal was related to the Grandmaster of the Chéler Àgríkan Order of the Gateway of the Living Flame. Avaârl's elder brother Vêrek became an Àgríkan Knight of the Order of the Smoke of Heaven, but died in 712. His sister Kâly acts for him as Khiráta (governor) of Álvis Keep.

The Earl's wife Vîrliamya (of clan Shéndra) is of Àzeryáni background. They have three surviving adult children - Álegar who is an Àgríkan cleric in Ázeryàn, and fraternal twins Vâraal and Hvâra (f); Khiráta (governors) of Tólenos and Stálenby castles respectively. Either of the 36 year-old twins are possible successors to Avaârl. Hvâra is wed to a younger brother of the Baron of Zûraal and Kýkon, and has four young children, while Vâraal's wife (of clan Pârasèn) died two years ago in childbirth, leaving him with a young daughter.

Avaârl and his clan are the leading Àgríkans in the realm, and strong supporter of the Àgríkan Order of the Brightest Flame, with its headquarters at Hárigol city. His vassal, Álegar alrí Zûr, Baron of Zûraal and Kýkon, is also a major supporter of the Order, as is Tólvar alrí Pârasèn, Baron of Mengéva and Pálinut, a vassal of his neighbour the Earl of Méngovik.

The increasingly strident Laránian posture of his neighbouring Earl Elbýn has created considerable tension between the counties of Hárigol and Méngovik. Avaârl has taken up the cause of his co-religionists in Méngovik with the Crown, stressing the provisions of the Oath of Bjan. He has also sought support from the Earl of Degáu, who despite being Laránian shares ancestral connections from Pádona in Hârbáal.