New version of HM gold

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Hello Everyone!

Long time no seen -- but I am back. I have seen that there are plans to produce a new version of HM. I am a rules freak and would like to be part of it - if I may! Have some battle system mods which I hope can be adapted.

Best regards,

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Hello, Hermes
Thanks for the offer! Contact me at and let's discuss it more. (And, btw, others should feel free to reach me there, too).

Walt McAtee
Project Director

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I just sent off an email. :)

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Hello there, I hope the new harn master gold project is going well and on track.

Can I ask if it is possible that you can add an appendix somewhere else in the book like, a group of stats that could help a lot us "lasy" GM with generic stats of combat npc of different cultures and guidelines for creating them fast.
For example:
Ivinian Viking and elite;
Harbáal Housecarl and elite;
Numec horseman and elite,
Azeryan Legionnaire and elite,
Shôrkýnè /Trierzon Knight and elite,
Assassins and elite,
man at arms and elite,
Falanian soldier and elite,
shev pvar inciate, and master,
Reksyna Horseman and Elite,
Quârphor Tribesman and Elite,
etc.... or something like that and guidelines for creating npcs or modifying them without having to make them like building a pc character from scratch.
Thanks in advance

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You've read our minds, Gmad. The Campaign and Bestiary chapters introduce a "tier" system of NPCs. Mind you, this is decidedly not...NOT... a "mook" approach, but rather a system that helps the GM create—and even adjudicate on the fly—the number and level of skill MLs needed for an NPC, according to the specific encounter or application.

This is a great topic for a Preview. We're working this week on Preview 6 (covering Attributes and Skills) but this topic would make a great Preview 7, come to think of it. Let me put something together, and either post it here earlier, or in the next Preview.

But, the short answer to your request is—yes. Now, some of the very specific cultural nuances might be saved for future Region modules (e.g. are there subtle differences between Reksyna and Quarphor cavalry in terms of skill? Perhaps...).

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Thanks for the reply, i'm eager to see that preview nº 7


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I am eagerly waiting for the new edition book to come out. Do you have an updated release date? Do you intend to crowdfund a hardback book?


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Thanks for asking, Kwicks! The interior art has been completed and we're working through various drafts of cover art. Our editing stage is taking longer than expected, but it's paying off. The initial hope for an October/November deadline will thus be pushed back a couple of months.

As I've mentioned on our Discord server, the project has been quite a slow-moving—but ever-moving!—target. While I've tried to minimize inaccurate projections and hype, I understand it can be frustrating.

We are planning on a hardback crowdfund but would like to release a short Quickstart PDF adventure to give people a closer look a few months in advance. I'm personally working on finishing the QS as quickly as possible, while also releasing Preview 6 (Attributes, Skills, Character Sheet) in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

Walt McAtee
Project Director

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Thank you for giving an update on the current plans. I’ll continue to wait as patiently as possible.

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I know you are pretty advanced with the work, but I would very much prefer if you would use black on white and a clear font, as in your existing publications. I have almost all as printouts and no problems there, but this here...

The thin font on dark background makes it hard to read. The preview character sheet is fine, but I find myself reluctant to read the character generation as its once again scanty font and lacking contrast. Perhaps its my age and eyesight :-/

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> planning on a hardback crowdfund

I have most of your works in printed form and found that register, indices, rules and gazeteers work best as ringbooks. You can put them on the table with the desired page up, next to the map, no fuss about the rest of the book and it works quite fine.
A full Venarive copy in good colour print comes at well below €20 this way (at, which leaves some margin for royalities.

If you drop me your address I will let Lulu send you a couple of my printouts to check on the quality.

That said, they cannot compensate for the lack of embedded fonts in your old HMG rules, so I could not print these (at least not there).

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When I try to put the files online for a printout at I do get the following problem:
"Please convert all fonts to TrueType fonts and ensure that all fonts are embedded."

It seems that you use the odd font that is not embedded into the document.
Perhaps you can add/embedd these or use other fonts?

The same problem comes with the HMG PE and GE edition and the Square maps.
All other publications print quite fine.

Note that SOME publishers do not have these problems (, while others ( have so, too.
Just as they show fine on Acrobat reader while the Nitro reader replaces the font. I am quite sure that can be solved.

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Is there any update about this release?

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Hello, Thomas—thanks for checking in for an update. We're getting closer to being able to announce a specific date, but the last-stage work is simply taking longer than I was able to predict correctly the last several months. It's really as simple as that. The December Preview 6 was likely the last one, and we're now focused on wrapping it up. I will post more specifics as soon as possible.


Walt McAtee
KP Project Director

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Hay Walt,

I was wondering if you guise had any ideas as to what the price range is likely to be for the new HMK?

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We're in the middle of finalizing the funding and release strategy, so I'll have to defer answering that specifically—give me a few weeks. I'll post here ASAP.

Thanks Lawrence,