HârnMaster Preview 5

Our previews of the upcoming new edition of HârnMaster continue. In this installment, we take a look behind the veil of the paranormal and give you an impression of the contents of HMK's Mysteries chapter. This chapter deals with the full range of esoteric traditions and methodology found on Kèthîra: everything from calling upon divine beings to Pvârism, alchemy, shamanism, different practices of divination, and innate arcane talents. The preview brochure (downloadable from our Free Stuff→Previews section) gives an overview of all these different forms of paranormal activity, describes the spellcasting routine in detail, and offers a concrete example of a character's plea to the gods (and possible results).

We hope you enjoy this unusually long (6 pages) and detailed preview brochure. Let us know what you think -- either via our good old forum here on Kelestia.com or via our Discord server.