Palíthanè Characters: Rútal alrí Pélanby

Rutal alrí Pélanby is the 9th Válnâr (Earl) of Degáu. 67 years of age, he has only been Earl for only ten years. He was chosen as Earl by the Clan Succession Council after his second cousin, Báris, the 8th Earl, died without issue. Rutal is decended from the 6th Earl via a daughter who married a Pélanby from the Dáage branch of the clan. The Dáage Pélanby hold Dáage Castle on the coast near to the border with Tríerzòn.

The Pélanby-na-Degáu retain strong links to the other major Pélanby clans - the trading Pélanby clan of Chélemby, the Dukes of Álagon in Shôrkýnè, and the Kings of Pádona (in Hârbáal). In his youth Rútal spent time in the court of the Désak alrí Pélanby, father of the current Duke of Álagon, Rúmath. Duke Rúmath’s sixteen year old son Grábel is squired to Rútal. Rútal has visited Pádona, and has significant investments with the Chéler Pélanby.

He married Káeryn (of clan Chaârsen) in 685, and they have two surviving twin children - Rúgar and Mîra, both aged 31. Káeryn lives (amicably) apart from her husband, and is Élgâr of Mólgos Castle. Rútal's brother Jârka is Élgâr of Hegóvyn Castle, easternmost fortification in Palíthanè; he is also Marshal of the Western Army of Palíthanè.

Two relatives hold key roles in the realm. Zýntura, a cousin of the Earl (and sister of the previous Earl Báris) is the Lord Chancellor of Palíthanè, while a more distant relative Pélstren is the Archbishop of Batána, holding Ménaw Abbey & Keep (near to Degáu itself).

Rútal and his brother are constantly vigilant about the border with Tríerzòn; especially now that Palíthanè has laid siege to the northern Tríerzi town of Wáleden. Relations with the Tríerzi governor of Paláma at Dârshen have been tense for the last decade; the escalation of conflict in the north has only worsened the situation.

The wild lands between Tríerzòn and Palíthanè have been plagued by brigands for a number of years. Given the tension between the two realms, little has been done to effectively address this issue, which has severly hampered trade across the border.

Earl Rútal has also been drawn into the growing internal conflict between the Earl of Méngovik and his non-Laránian vassals. Despite being Laránian himself, Rútal has a good relationship with the Baron of Zûraal and Kýkon, a vassal of the Earl of Hárigol and a pious Àgríkan. Both the Earl and the Baron have sought his support in the dispute.