Palíthanè Characters: Kóèn alrí Hengâr

Kóèn alrí Hengâr, Count (Málnîr) of Galishénes is the 8th holder of that title. He is decended from a viking companion of Bjan Lédrin, Lýstir al Hengâr. Lýstir and his sword-brother Jens al Rádsen were Hârbáalers who were knighted for their mercenary services in the Tríerzi War of Independence, and created a mercenary company with noble pretentions (the Knights of the Raven) which ultimatedly came to be part of Bjan's invasion forces. At the foundation of the Kingdom, Lýstir became Count of Galishénes, and Jens became Earl of Méngovik.

The Hengâr and Rádsen clans remained interconnected for many years. Gúnira, sister of the 5th Count of Galishénes, and wife of a Rádsen Earl, was key in the successful rebuilding of clan Rádsen following the Troubles. The Hengâr line itself was in danger of failing around the same period; only the adoption of the eldest son of a Baron of Quéln (who was married to a daughter of a previous Earl) in 656 enabled it to continue.

Kóèn's father Gális (r.663-704) played a leading role in the defence of Palíthanè in the Sènedâlo War (664-668). Kóèn has continued his father's martial prowess and leadership; he is the Marshall of the Northern Army of Palíthanè. As such he is intimately involved in the Seige of Wáleden (a Tríerzi border city on the Gadén river, just across from the Pálithàner city of Galishén). One of the twin sons of the Count of Pálganir is squired to Count Kóèn, and is at his side outside Wáleden.

Kóèn (51) is married to Gorála (50), aunt of the current Shôrkýnì count of Falimae (which also borders Tríerzòn). They have four children. Their eldest son Ályn (31) is an experienced knight, while their second son, Máthas (24) is a junior knight in the Laránian Order of the Crimson Tower. Their eldlest daughter Pýetha (28) is a Laránian priestess, while their youngest daugher, Chánal (21) is married to the likely heir to the Countess of Ántivel; they already have a child.

The clan hold four èsuâren (baronies) directly. Kóèn's seat is at Sîrebin Castle. His son Ályn holds the strategically vital Prégant Keep on the Tríerzi border. His cousin Harken holds Glívas Keep for him, while a vassal holds Tándry Keep. The clan has four baronial vassals, including the Order of the Crimson Tower, who hold Álsinon Castle (captured by Palíthanè in the last war after a notorius seige).

Kóèn's younger brother Tórnis is the royal Sheriff of Gavás, with his seat at Ílgonè Castle. As Sheriff he has been drawn into the growing religious conflict between the Earl of Méngovik and some of his vassals, a number of whom have sought his intervention. While ancestral ties and his religious affilation might suggest he would side with the Earl, he feels the extremism on display undermines the Oath of Bjan and the peace of the realm. He has sought advice from the Royal Court.