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I'm a GenX'er who despises social media, so forgive my ignorance here. But...

... Are there any plans/desires/volunteers to host streaming content on YouTube/Rumble to promote Harn gaming and material? Like, people actually playing a multi-part adventure; not just people "unboxing" and reviewing products? Any regular presence on social media platforms to help spread the word?

I don't traffic in these areas, yet I know they are INSANELY popular with the RPG world. I swear, if I hear my dnd buddies going on again about stuff like Critical Role or w/e the devil kids are watching these days, I'm gonna strangle them.

But it did get me thinking. I would think there would be great value in someone hosting an online Harn gaming experience; one that could highlight both the unique and interesting rules system (not just combat, of course), but also the dynamics of the world itself. Of particular interest to me -- and I would assume to many newcomers -- is how the magic system is managed.

If this is something that's been discussed before, I apologize for the repetition and would appreciate being pointed in the right direction.


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Your observation is, of course, a good one, dmmilner.

Upon the new edition's release, I plan to move from PDF/written previews to quick video rules explanations and examples and—time and resources permitting—would love to host some sessions (I prefer to run theater-of-the-mind on Roll20). Streaming even a short campaign would be an excellent way to highlight the game in just the way you describe. Hârn gamer Toasty (host of HârnMaster Foundry VTT server on Discord) has been working on an HMK integration, which might help the prospects for streaming examples.

As an aside, I'm intrigued by your comment about "how the magic system is managed". Did you have something specific in mind?—it seems this would make for a good explanation video...

Walt McAtee
KP Project Director