Palíthanè Characters: Elwýsa alrí Chálma

Elwýsa alrí Chálma, Countess (Màlnîra) of Ántivel, aged 42 and unmarried, is only the third holder of the title since the creation of the County of Ántivel in tr655. Clan Chálma have ancient roots in the region, and her ancestors were Élgârs (governors) of Ligúno for the King of Tríerzòn. Following the death of Élgâr Gálen at the Battle of Cábra (tr514), Clan Chálma came to terms with Bjan Lédrin, and became Barons of Balýda for several generations.

The clan suffered losses and setbacks during the Troubles (tr589-593); but they were always loyal to the Crown. Elýsè alrí Chálma (tr553-615) was a strong Baroness who rebuilt the clan following the Troubles, setting up her clan to be granted the County of Ántivel by a grateful Queen-Regent Lárena, after Baron Enóres II provided crucial support to Prince Hâl against the then Earl of Cábra in the Karis Rebellion (tr653-655).

Elwýsa continues the tradition of female leadership within the clan. She and her two sisters, together with her still-living 63-year old mother, Márela (fal Ásteryn), are at the core of clan Chálma. Ímela, 40, is both Élgâr of Randîr Keep for her sister, and the mother of Radyk (22), Élgâr of Thalímo, and most likely heir to Elwýsa. Ímela is married to Mârin (fal Rórchas) and they have three other children. Radyk married Chánal (fal Hengâr), youngest daughter of the Count of Galishénes in tr718, and they have one child.

The clan’s greatest coup occurred in tr703, when Elwýsa’s youngest sister, Soréla (35) married the Crown Prince, now King, Harúlda III al Lédrin; eventually making Soréla Queen of Palíthanè. Elwýsa, Iméla and their mother Márela often visit the Queen, and thus have significant influence at Court. Elwýsa and her mother have put this key connection to much use to advance the cause of clan Chálma.

Chálma are strong but not unequivocal supporters of the Laránian Church; they have strong connections through two vassal clans. Clan Rórchas, headed by Chúnala, Baroness of Líronès and Pûrsel, have a number of members within the Order of the Crimson Tower, including its Deputy Grandmaster, Enóres. More significantly, two members of Elwýsa’s mother’s clan Ásteryn, powerful Barons of Dágael, Menhâga and Vindéla, have key roles in Laránian affairs. Érynos al Ásteryn, Márela’s brother, is the firebrand Laránian Bishop (Rekéla) of Cábra, while Gwýnel, younger sister of Baron Chárad, is the wife of the devoutly Laránian Earl of Méngovik.

The growing religious conflict in Méngovik is an area of where Elwýsa and her mother differ somewhat. Elwýsa feels the Earl of Méngovik is moving to rashly; but she may be drawn into the conflict against her wishes.