Palíthanè Characters: Sirlíya alrí Harlúne

Sirlíya alrí Harlúne is Târvela (Princess) of Gwéfyn, a semi-independent principality in the north of Tàmanías Shire. The Harlúne clan have ruled for as long as anyone can remember, one constant in a region that sports a long and troubled history of invasion, resistance and perseverance.

Sirílya is a spry and waifish 40 years old, having assumed her title in tr713 after her brother Báris was killed leading a counter-attack to relieve the siege of Eválen. Her diminutive stature and high-pitched voice convey a childishness that she frequently uses to her advantage. Unflinchingly independent and iron-willed, she spent years in the royal court playing the aggrieved noble widow seeking justice for the wrongs brought upon her clan from the Tàmanías Conflict (tr712-714). The current Wáleden campaign is the culmination of her manoeuvring, and the fact that she has managed to employ the Northern Muster to essentially pursue a vendetta speaks to her political acumen.

Sirliya was married to Órden al Lunéres, brother of the Shôrka Baron of Véranè, who died alongside her brother in tr713. The couple had no children, but the Harlúne clan have no shortage of heirs. Báris’ three offspring were adopted by Sirlíya, her two younger brothers (Víris and Galín) still live, and there are more than a dozen nieces, nephews and cousins.

Sirílya is well-educated, speaks fluent Emélan, and has very close relationships with her Émhlè neighbors. While she and most clan members maintain an outwardly pious Laránian façade, in private many follow the Covenant and are frequent visitors to the shrine of Ghwénthen.