I know... Leeds is the other way

The plan was to go to Leeds, but the airlines wouldn't let us. So we had to go downunder and suffer though antarcticy winter. Sure, the snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef wasn't that cold... but some of the rest was. I actually had to put my sweatshirt on a couple of times.

This is a 'personal' photo album of our trip, but I have lots of good reasons to put it here... well... umm... it's *my* website and in one of the pictures I'm wearing a Hârn t-shirt. Also, I've written insightful or humourous captions (please don't take offense if it seems like I'm rubbishing where you live... I'm not doing that on purpose. Sometimes even I don't hold my own opinions, and besides, if you live there, you should have said hello).