What format are your products in?

Most of our products are eBooks in PDF format. They are bookmarked to allow for easy navigation. They can be displayed using Adobe Reader, which is freely available.

Our eBooks are also optimised for printing, if you prefer physical books at your gaming table or for reading on your couch.

Important: Official HârnWorld and HârnMaster products are only available from this website.

The advantages of PDF (Portable Document Format) are as follows:

  • We can present full colour publications at much lower prices.
  • We can present publications of any length at the same consistent quality.
  • We can update our publications easily, cheaply and as often as nessessary.
  • Customers do not have to pay shipping costs.
  • Customers receive their eBooks immediately and do not have to wait for shipping.
  • eBooks weigh a lot less than Physical books. (Which means quite a lot to a GM trying to bring 12 books to a gaming session.)