Where should I start? What do I need to play?

There are two ways to answer that question - one in terms of HârnWorld, the other in terms of HârnMaster:


Our core module for HârnWorld is Venârivè: Northwestern Lýthia. This is supported by two free modules which provide an introduction to Venârivè (the region where the island of Hârn is located):

  • Venârivè Player Guide, a 20-page guide for players to the Venârivè region.
  • Venârivè Index, a 30-page reference index, included in the main product, but also available as a stand-alone download.

The full world of Kèthîra, including the wider continent of Lýthia, is described in Kèthîra: World of Hârn.

The island kingdom of Chélemby provides an excellent base for Gamemasters and players from which to explore HârnWorld. It is described in a series of publications and free downloads, including a player guide.

Finally, we provide a high quality interactive map of the island of Hârn.


You can use any fantasy role-playing rules system to game using HârnWorld, but obviously HârnMaster is designed specifically for this world.

We provide four products in the HârnMaster range. HârnMaster Gold: Player Edition is the starter product.

Explore our Products section for details of all the modules and rules we have on offer.