Why aren't there any modules about Hârn itself?

A different company published Hârn products before Keléstia Productions became the only official publisher. During the 1980s and 1990s, N. Robin Crossby developed modules describing the Hârnic Isles and various locations therein. Those modules will not be 'returned' to the official Hârn canon until they are re-released by Keléstia Productions.

We are aware however, that many people very much want to see a new official Hârn regional module (Hârn is in the name of both main product lines, after all). It is for this reason that this issue is in our production plan for the near future. We can say this much: Expect a definite treatment of the Hârnic Isles, a truly enlightening module offering the greatest level of detail ever produced.

Until then, we recommend you explore Hârn's neighbour, the important seafaring realm: the kingdom of Chélemby. You can find official, detailed Chélemby modules in our Products section.