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I have an old campaign set in Kanday. One of the players from that campaign wants to go back and play his character again. He is a Shek-Pvar with a long (checkered) and interesting history. I had a look and it is too hard to restart that campaign, but I pulled out the North Western maps, and said were do you want to play. The pin landed on Chelemby. Part of the campaign with the S-P, was he acquired a amulet that opened up a door to a pocket dimension that contained his late masters library. So the plan is he goes to the pocket dimension, but does not know how to use the key, so he comes out at Chelemby. He has already met the villian in the story, being a research partner of his former master, who is after the library/research.
I am toying with the idea, of him not going straight to the island, but a tour of the meta-universe. But that could be too much effort in reading up on new rules, and working out a scenario for his drop in. The other players are willing to jump in to one off character shoes, but the idea sounds good but it could be too much work.
I discussed with the players that this S-P character would be the linch pin of the campaign, as he tries to make his way back home.
The villian will somehow follow him (?), and pursue him across the land.
So the reason for the post, is some help in keeping the campaign on the island, to properly get the use from the material. And most important some idea's for a drop in campaign like this.
There is probably lots of holes in this idea, the if I can accomodate the players wishes of keeping his S-P and gaming in a new location.
Another idea that occurs to me with this writing, is that he could get in a fight with the villian in the pocket dimension and flees or is forced out, and arrives at Chelemby.
Its a long shot I know, asking this but I figure why not, normally I would spend hours trying to nut it out, but I am pushed for time, and people could have a good ideas.

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Is the problem that you need an excuse to drop the character on Chelemby, or an excuse to keep him there? Or both?

Also, how did his "late master" become late?

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I can move him via the pocket dimension without any problems. With an armload of interesting books etc.
My main concern was to keep him there, and enjoy some of the material published so far. The other players would be joining him on the island.
To make it work right, I would have the villian (the research partner of the players master), follow him to the pocket dimension, but get lost in the maze of rooms (or how ever it looks), but follow him through the same door to Chelemby.
I had thought about having one of the players start back in Kanday with him, and when they arrive in Chelemby, they are separated and the S-P players will try to get back together (might work better as an NPC, otherwise I will have to tell two stories).
I think Kelestia Publishing could be worse than too right up some overarching story lines that connect the published material together.

I was jumping ahead a bit when I wrote that the master was dead, as off the last session played, probably 2003?, he was still alive. He had left the player in his hut in the wilderness to go to Aleath and sort out some details with the Guild there. He had been forced into excile due to his earlier research, and it was believed that his research partner had been killed in an lab accident. This same person showed up at the hut and talked his way so the player trusted him, and told him where the master had gone.
So at some point in the near future the two (master and research partner) are going to meet up and thats when the master will be mortally wounded, but for story purposes I do need to get him back to the player and die in his arms. From there the player was to learn how to opperate the amulet, and go to the pocket dimension.

Thanks for your interest. So far I have not come up with any ideas beyond that mentioned above, in keeping him on the island for a little while.
Part of the problem for me, is the time required to read all the material, and make some sort of story from it all. If I had gone to all the trouble of writiing all the material to date on Chelemby, I would put out some plot/story's together that highlight the setting. Not detailed, just a mini campaign write up in brief, that link the places together, so the players move around, and the ref has to buy all the products.


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I hope this is not too much, and I have never posted my campaign notes before, so I hope they are ok. I had a lot more work on the Kingdom of Kanday and its political factions. I dont know if anyone will get to the end of this, but here goes...

Born 658, age as of 723-65
The mage lives as a recluse in the woods north-east of Fenak village (Kanday/Dunir). He has changed his name and is known by locals as Dardalion. The hut was made by himself and he tries to remain self-sufficient. Fenak villagers know about him and help maintain his privacy, they occasionaly give him a gift of food or a little luxury for his blessing (mostly out of fear) during the year. He helped them out when he first arrived in the area by curing a disease going through the cattle killing them. He spent many months in bad weather out in the country moving from herd to herd laying on hands and feeding with a alchemical concoction. A murrain. He was very ill afterwards in a fever as he built his cabin.
He wants no visitors, students or contact with the outside world. The pain and loss of his past is to great.

Eralion before his banishment was the Queen Eriel’s advisor for esoteric matters. He was also a tutor to the young prince’s (Andasin). He and Ranald Milaka did not get on together, Ranald is heavily involved with the church and very opposed to esoteric powers. Eralion damaged his leg in the capture of the assassin who killed Eriel (694). Rumours in the court blamed him as he was their but his powers did not stop it.
He was always close to the prince Andasin even though Ranald forbid his son to spend any time with him. Eriel sometimes would have the lad (Andasin aged 4) in her room’s with her and coincedendly also Eralion who would be their offering counsel. He was in the next room playing with Andasin when the assassin killed Eriel. She then came after the prince and Eralion defended him, irrepairably damaging his leg in the fight.
The assassin was using poison and it took long for the wound to heal.
When Mirelael was crowned, Ranald pressured her into doing away with the position of advisor for the esoteric, and to keep her court happy her hand was forced, but she found another way to teach Andasin a world beyond Larani. She kept her tutor on that her father had given the job to, Cerale of Lamin, Save-Knor priest and made him Chancellor of Kanday. He tutored the King, in his youth and is still one of his most trusted advisors even if the man never offers direct advise but tends to speak in riddles. Cerale was a close friend of Eralions and misses his old friend and the long debates. Eralion and Andasin have since been friends and meet occasionaly when Cerale could arrange it (before Eralion went into hiding). Eralion offered the King candid advise without the court poloticing.

He came close as any man to perfecting his art after he left the kings court. The old master of the chantry and Eralion were close friends and Eralion was his right hand man (man of action). The old master grew old and died, and the new master voted in was a young puppet allied with Koledz. Eralion tried to train him and open his eyes to those who would manipulate him but it was to late.
Good master were accused over time with crimes, this master slept with anothers wife or researching illegal things.
His last few months at the Guild were fraut with danger and intrigue and he was a nervous wreck watching all and thinging plots, he had wards set and other guards in-place.
Then it came around to Eralion, and he was to be taken for questioning about his research. But the eager young men sent to get him lost patience and a fight insued in which several were wounded and Eralion also suffered a magic twisting of his head, that even though the physical wound has healed the magical scrambling lingers. Whenever he is subject to to much stress he finds it hard to think??

He fled the Aleath GAL indisgrace and under threat of death in 714. He was pursued for awhile and eventually went to Dunir were he was born and into retirement. It was consicered best to leave him alone so long as he stayed their and made no trouble.
One of the main people involved in his dismissal was Koledz his former apprentice, and now a rising star among the Guild. Koledz already had considerable influence among senior masters, and may even of fabricated some lies about his former master. Most thought that he was a good brown-noser but Eralion does not believe this. Koledz always had a problem operating within the law.
He regrets now apprenticing the man, and always told Preztigor to make sure his pupils had training in morality and ethics above all else.

Could be motivated to action with news of the power Koledz has gained at the Chantry, but only slowly. His is an old anger long subdued, for old insults.

Training; Because of all this, is his reason for not being interested in training someone. He must also maintain a low profile so as not to attract GAL scrutiny (he wants no attention drawn to himself). He is also partly afraid of training Jourat, it has been long since he has done so and not much success, so he has been trying to put it off and diswade Jourat.
Eralion has picked Jourat to be angry and emotionaly unstable, the physical work is to help burn some of that energy away and also to give Eralion a breather to make Jourat not wish training.
He takes Jourats grimiore early on saying he will not need that.
Jourat can learn animalcraft Horse.
The prohabition on Jourat casting magic that he was told before he left the guild is not actualy legal. The guild cannot stop someone from practising magic but they cannot receive training by guild law from a guild member.

Preztigor’s spirit may appear to Eralion to try to convince him to help Jourat. Preztigor will also attempt to get the message across that he was murdered.

He may have picked up something magical happening aroung the Tesien area.

The wrist brace is a key to a pocket dimension using a Barasi Point. Also a font of power of level ???. Unknown to Eralion the brace which he found will also open many other Barasi points.

Rumours may be learned that he was involved in some dodgy research and was forced to stop by the Guild, he was interested in recreating Morgathian like unlife using magic but with more self control (people may have lost lives).
In truth he was researching the elixa of youth but discovered that it would require some illegal activity so he stopped his research but his partner continued and was killed, this brought him to the attention of the Guild and he left. Eralion disappeared some 10yrs ago. The amulet is connected to the research of youth or the key to a barasi point and pocket dimension were knowledge is stored. The PC’s master was a long time friend of this mage and Preztigor was his apprentice, and the rival Master Koledz at the chantry was also his apprentice and knows of the wrist brace and his been working with Vortigern to locate it. Which Vort will give to him in return for aid in becoming a mage and learning other arts beyond his training. The note talks about his final research and going to live in suclusion. It looks like the seal has never been broken and the leter never read by Preztigor.

Appearance; age 60’s, has acid scarred skin. Thin build, average height. Eye patch over right eye. Walks with the aid of a staff and limps. Has silver hair. Skin is sun browned. Has a magical salve that he makes and applies to his leg from the old wound that the assassin gave him (she used poison). He could also use it on Jourats scars that are painful at times.

He likes working with wood, either building huts or whittling with small pieces.
His wound and age have settled on Eralion in his solitude. In truth he could fight the magical wound to his head, and watching him over time one could come to the idea that what trigers it.

His single room shack has a vege garden alongside and a small shed/stable as he has a fine old horse called Teph. He used to be a good rider before the accident, he got his limp from his expulsion from the GAL some members misunderstood the order and thought to restrain him. Alchemical workings are neatly organized in the shack.
Down the slope from the stable is a fenced off coral and beyond that a small stream. Near the stream Eralion has found some clay and makes his own pots, plates etc.

“Your magic has no power. It has only your intention. When that goes astray you have no skill.”

As to not learning anything “Because you have not found out what I am teaching”
“To hear, one must by silent”
“Danger must surround power as shadow does light”.

It is possible that when Eralion went into excile a number of good GAL members had to watch their backs and say nothing to draw attention to themselves. If they learn that Eralion has come out of his excile they will also do the same and look towards him as a leader.
When the bad GAL sents a force to deal with him and his pupil after the last confrontation, they will also go to help him.

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We do plan to provide some adventures / overview material to tie all the Chelemby material together.

Here are some ideas for your campaign:

* Eralion might end up involved in the Scholars Hall in Chélemby - its not yet a chantry, but those involved might want to become one... so they would be keen to recruit new SPs ... (see S39 "Scholars Hall", sponsored by clan Jâagensen). The hall is run by Úlven al Jâagensen.

* There are quite a number of areas of interest to Arcanists on Chélemby; Eralion could end up investigating these. See the "Folklore" section of Kingdom of Chélemby, particularly "Aéric's legacy", "Cirlet of Témian", "Dínibôr", etc.

* Given his shady past, getting and staying as far away from Aleath would make sense.



Fástred na Beréma,
Rówanti al Sávè-k’nôr

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Also consider that getting from Chelemby back to Harn, (or anywhere else) isn't necessarily an easy feat. The S-P COULD risk another trip through the pocket dimension, but who's to say where he'd end up this time?. The answer is of course, wherever you want him to. :) Maybe right back on Chelemby. He could swim...for a bit. Or he can take a ship ride, provided he has the money, is free to do so, and can find a ship that will take him.

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I got a little rushed there, and had not pointed out that Eralion is the players new master. Prestigor was his Aleath chantry master, who was murdered by the senoir apprentice. This senior apprentice Vortigern (he was the main villian against the S-P in the early part of the game), is in league with Koledz (not sure I have the name right). Koledz is a senior master at the chantry, who is the instigator of many foul plots.
Eralion's research partner is the current villian, and will do away with Eralion in his attempt to extract the info about the library.
Thanks for the idea's about Chelemby.
I want the player to go on long road trip back to Harn, pursued by the villian. I dont have his name at the moment, he was modeled of the villian in the Selvos expansion module, who was looking for the Morgathian temple.
Any other idea's would be great.
Is there a time frame for the adventure material?

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One of the things I have found with Kelestia adventure design, is getting caught up on the realism details. Sometimes its good to let it go. I might just have to story tell the events and not get too caught up on the details.

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Allan, you said:
Sometimes its good to let it go. I might just have to story tell the events and not get too caught up on the details.

This is something I think that too many people forget. There is always a tension between background and plot, especially in a game world as detailed as Kethira. These tensions have concerned me over the years and I’ve come to the following conclusions.

I’ve bought this extremely detailed settlement, I have a brilliant plot, but I need to kill the local innkeeper. But if I do that, the background details I paid $20.00 for will be wrong.

Just do it. The point is to have fun. You can always copy the page and make the relevant amendments.

I’m running a Kanday/Rethem war. What will King Andasin do?
He’ll do what you want him to do, you’re in charge. It’s important for all referees to remember that they are the final arbiter in their pHârn.

If you want Andasin weak and vacillating, he is!
If you want him gay, he is!
If you want him strong and macho, he is!
If players complain, first, they should not know what to expect, second, it just took the crisis to bring out the best (or worst) in him.

For me, story is more important than details.

- "Pardon me for living, I'm sure."

-- (Terry Pratchett, Mort)

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Thanks Neil,
I could not think of a good way to move the villian, from Kanday to Chelemby, chasing the player. But it may be easy to just not detail the 'how' to myself or the players. If I really want to do it easy, I can just have him have an amulet of portals like the player, and he is able to track him to the island.

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"I could not think of a good way to move the villian, from Kanday to Chelemby".

Godstones seem the obvious choice.

There is a godstone in Kanday the marshy area (whose I can't remember, and I don't have a scan of Kanday on this computer).

There is godstone in Chelemby at Dinibor.

Only problem then is whether you want the villain to be following the character closely. If the villain has to spend some time travelling to and from godstones, that would slow him down by several days. Oh, also, the villain apparently must have figured out how to ensure that a godstone delivers him where he wants to go.

You could speed this up by arranging to have the character doing something at Dinibor. :)

How does the villain know the character is in Chelemby? Presumably some sort of Savorya spell gave him the knowledge.

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. . . and that's a big IF, the Godstone in Kanday is located at Tesien in the Ternua Heath along with a group of nasty bandits. (New lackeys for the villian, having been suitably impressed by a display of his powers?)


Old style heraldry: Sable, the pale argent.

New style heraldry: Oreo, resting on edge.

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Tesien it is.

It's just been so long that I took much of a look at anything on Harn (other than Orbaal) that a lot of place names, etc., have fallen out of my memory cache.

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I could possibly use Tesien, although in that particular campaign, Tesien is the location of a Earthmaster jail. From the start of the campiagn the ward's have been slowly collapsing. It is all connected with one of the large plots of Earthmaster and Airmasters. I thing I had an Airmaster entity trying to weaken the bars from the outside also.
I have some notes on the Airmasters if anyone's interested?
I was sort of hoping Dinibor would be produced soon.

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"I was sort of hoping Dinibor would be produced soon."

Unless Jeremy indicates that a particular module is forthcoming, don't get your expectations up.

Same comment applies to the our question a couple days ago about other Chelemby adventures.

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Patience is a Harnican's middle name.
Sometimes the greed takes over, and I want it all now.

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Don't we all?

- "Pardon me for living, I'm sure."

-- (Terry Pratchett, Mort)

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**SPOILER ALERT** (non-GMS playing in Chelemby should not read this)

Hi Allan,

I'm replying late, sorry, but here are some things that may help tie various bits of Chelemby together and get your players exploring various parts of the island.

As Jeremy has mentioned, there is a semi-official school of arcane lore in Chelemby city, sponsored by Clan Jaagensen. This is an interesting, and powerful, clan.
- The current treasurer is a Jaagensen.
- A secret underground tunnel runs from the Jaagensen clanhouse (P4) to outside the city wall. What's that there for?
- The Jaagensen dominate the herring trade in Koladis, but this position has recently been challenged by the Silkan. The Silkan have a colourful history, and have recently seen a resurgence of fortune thanks to the recent arrival of Kal and Taros (the latter being a member-at-large of the Valstrad). What is their story?
- The Silkan (esp. Kal) are involved in the Kalinby-Tarkenby feud. The Silkan were also involved in the Elbrath-Elionasen feud. The Jaagensen, meanwhile, are allies of Tarkenby, and also of the Pelanby (one of the most powerful clans in NW Lythia). This could involve the players in the local politics and lead on to adventures in mainland Lythia as they attempt to make their way back to Harn.
- With their involvement in the herring trade, the Jaagensen would have some connection with Salonen Ekatriasa in Koladis. He has an 'uncanny' accuracy for picking the location of the fish. What is his story?
- It seems also that one of the Temian burial sites lies within the Jaagensen nalard.

The various Earthmaster and Temian sites have also been mentioned. There are a few interesting characters in Chelemby, Koladis and Evanekin with interests in these sites, connections with the Shek P'var, or both:
- Kala the Tutor and Mide the Beggar in Koladis
- Mirel Wentelsen and Lesyl Dysen in Evanekin
- The Queen is from Emelrene, which has links with Melderyn and which borders with Alagon in Shorkyne (the duke of Alagon, a Pelanby , is a friend of King Aemon).
- The cult surrounding the Jarind stones of Chelemby (mentioned in the lore section of this website).

A few interesting tidbits from the Chelemby City guide, which you can only speculate on until the actual module comes out, include the Hyzel glassworker (I48: some Hyzel are worshippers of Siem - a Sindar perhaps?); the soothsayer who is apparently an outcast daughter of a Silkan (K16); and the Berema-trained artefact dealer (V16).

I hope those few things help. I think you should have no trouble keeping players occupied in Chelemby and its near neighbours for a while.


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Thanks, I should be able to pull some plots together, with that list.