Chelemby Interactive

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How do a get the buildings in grey as per your advert on the web page?
Mine are all white and the grey looks easier to look at.

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Disable the "Structures" layer. But then you will not be able to identify individual buildings I guess.

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This is probably a really dumb question, but here goes:
I have the old Shorkyne regional module from Columbia Games, which included a section on Chelemby. Why should I get additional material just on Chelemby? (Perhaps for me it's a similar dilemma as with all the old Harn (island)-centric stuff from CG -- if one has broader interests, how much detail do I want to get into with the area that nearly all the published material (thus far) seems to be based in?)
I read through the FAQ and Introduction pages on the website, but this question didn't seem to be addressed in either place. So -- could someone provide a peptalk/sales pitch for the Chelemby materials, please?

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I guess it all depends on how much information you think you need to play a game effectively in an area.

A lot of people felt there wasn't enough information in Shorkyne to run or play a game there... hence the greater detail in Chelemby.


Fástred na Beréma,
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Chelemby Interactive is a layered map of the City of Chelemby. Only a very small portion of the city map was displayed in the Shorkyne Regional Module. In my opinion it's the best looking city map that Robin ever produced, it's much larger than any of the Harnic cities and even if your campaign world is something other than Kethira, it's a port city to plunk down anywhere.

There's lots of detail to boot. :)



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As far as Chélemby Interactive goes, it is a lovely city map as Ken says and, if you haven't seen the depth of detail that can be included in a layered map yet it's worth it just to see that. It's almost a complete 'module' in one page - history, trades, land use, drainage and old watercourses - it's all there!

The other Chélemby material - well, it depends how you run your world. Chélemby is different from Hârn; the culture and societal structure are quite different. If you want to gloss the cultural details and such to concentrate on the adventures and/or the narrative and/or the drama then the extra material may be superfluous for you. If, on the other hand, you would relish seeing a fully realised depiction of a quite alien culture and society to immerse your player characters in then the material will likely be of interest. The clan politics and dynamics of Chélemby are quite different from those on Hârn - if your players' characters are up for it then becoming involved in this 'scene' can be jolly good fun. Alternatively, playing characters originating from this culture can be fun, too - as a few of the folk around here can attest...