New column: Scenario Ideas

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I would like to launch a new column or "story type" on the site: Scenario Ideas.

In it, I would like to provide those of our customers who are actually using our material to play (the majority, I assume) with generic adventure concepts (situations and/or events) and thus answer the long-expressed wish for Hârnic adventure modules -- at least somewhat.

I am posting this here for two reasons:

1.) To ask you for your general opinion; please tell me what you think about a Scenario Ideas column.

2.) To ask each HârnMaker (and the writers in specific) if he/she is willing to contribute to this column. I think a -- roughly -- bi-weekly schedule would be great.

Some details: As said above, I think the Scenario Ideas should be rather generic and open-ended in style -- just fleshed-out and detailed enough to give GMs a basic adventure idea, a plot hook or a more concrete inspiration. GMs should be able to use the Scenario Ideas in very different ways and at basically any point either within their ongoing campaign or as a starting point for a new campaign.

Some Scenario Ideas can be more specific of course, some could even be close to actual (short) aventure modules -- e.g. with some developed NPCs and locations or an event structure.

Please tell me what you think and whether you would like to contribute.

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I think it's a grand idea in that it provides content for the customer base, makes KPs products easier to use, and keeps traffic going through and interest in this website.

The real trick is finding folks with the time and dedication to do it. I'm not one of them. :(