The Humble Spud

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So, Robin

Are there potatoes on Harn?

I've always said no, but yesto other medieval european root vegetables.

Does it really matter one way or another?


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It certainly matters -- not only for the gluten-intolerant folks (:D) but also from a descriptive point of view.

While the ultimate decision lies with each individual GM of course, I would also be interested in the official version. ;)

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We actually answered this one in one of those 'did you know' thingies on the previous version of this website... Hey... maybe we should get those back?

Here's the word:

An 'editorial error' once changed 'no new world crops' into 'no root crops', leaving several generations of peasants at a loss as to what to put in their turnip soup.

Off the top of my head, this includes members of the nightshade family (?) such as potato, tobacco, & tomato, as well as cocoa (although carob is available). I'm also thinking maize, but I'm not quite sure about this one, because my brain is not working right...

I simply love the 'adventure' concept of bringing a sack of spuds and dropping them in front of King Sîrnen...

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Sort of like that Blackadder episode: Potato

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Yes, sort of just like that, brown lumpy things... only different. You've hit the nail right on its side there well done :)