Does someone from Kaldor sound different than a guy from Kanday?

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Has there ever been a discussion about the various accents used on Harn? I know there is talk of a pronunciation guide, but what about regional dialects? If a guy from Kanday walks into Olokand, will his accent stick out?

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Yes, I have seen discussion of this. Yes, his accent would be obvious.

I'm almost certain Jeremy has also done a dialect map of Hârn. Jeremy, maybe you should post that to the Free Downloads section if you consider it finished?

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It's also worth noting that once upon a time (and even today sometimes), a person's social class was usually apparent from the moment they opened their mouth. Bad grammar and bad teeth both predominate below the poverty line . .

I would expect that a nobleman from Kaldor would probably overlook the accent of a nobleman from Kanday, but sneer at the coarse speech of a serf from up the road. I would also expect the same nobleman to be sneered at in turn by his "peers" from the island of Melderyn. I can't point to anything specific in cannon, but I've always perceived the Melderyni as having a collective superiority complex.

Here's another interesting accent question: The Sindarin from the Shava Forest are pretty isolated. (Even their Jarin are relatively isolated.) It seems likely that the Sindarin speak Harnic with their own distinctive accent, although the typical Harnian might not be able to place it. That accent might even be a bit stilted or archaic sounding. Some of these same Sindarin have a custom of spending some years in their youth in the human lands trying to pass themselves off as humans. How do they handle their speech patterns? "Oh, I'm from Kaldor" might work with the average resident of Kanday, but not a well-traveled one . . .


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Yes, I have done a map of Hârnic Dialects, but its can't be considered "official" until Robin has fully reviewed it. He has looked at it briefly, but most of his time is currently taken up with Chélemby.

In the meantime, you can access an "unofficial" version from my Towerhills website:

Hope this helps.


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