Harn Forum

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Hi, not sure were to ask this on this site. But is Harn Forum still running, I have been busy over the last month, and now I cant seem to access the site.

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As far as I am informed, Peter Leitch (the webmaster and forum admin) updated the boards to version 3 of the phpBB forum software. As he points out in the following post, the update produced some side effects and technical problems: http://www.lythia.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=8912. He also gives instructions on how to fix the problems (e.g. deleting all lythia.com cookies).

On a side note, the lythia.com main website has also been revamped -- looking cleaner now and more modern. I like it very much; thumbs up, Leitchy! :)