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Some thoughts occured to me after re-reading the Kaldor port article by Peter Leitch. What if Kaldor at some point had a port and a great fire broke out on a extremley windy day, leaving the port and surronding area in smoldering ruins? London throughout history has been plagued by great fires. With the flames claiming many lives and causing a lot of collateral damage (Cathederals). Perhaps Kaldorians have the consenus opinion that it was an act of arson by followers of Agrik. Now in 720TR, the port is in the early stages of rebuilding on the ashes.

Then I got to thinking about medieval firefighters, and I don't recall ever any mention in Harnic material. Is there a firefighting guild or any organized effort?

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I would strongly suggest that Harnic figher-fighting would follow a similar route as it did on Terra... fire is/was the bane of all city-dwellers, and historically everyone did what they could.

More specifically, I would suggest that the primary brunt of the fire-fighting would fall on the city-guard. Not for the actual job of putting out the fires, but for the responsibility of organizing citizens into bucket-brigades, etc.

One big difference between Terra and Kethira, of course, is magic. It is entirely feasible that a single Pelean or Odivshe may be on quasi-call for such emergencies. A few (even low level) spells would be far more more effective than a 50 man bucket-brigade :-)

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I filed the serial numbers off the Roman vigeles( not sure on spelling). The night watch in my Shiran has tarred rope buckets as part of their kit. The gates watchmen have a ready supply of same to hand out to community volunteers in time of need.