Calculating Weapon OMLs (Am I doing this right?)

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Apologies for such a basic rules question but am I doing this right?

For the sake of this example I'll only list the important details:

A character has a hunting background and picks 3 appropriate weapons at OML/OML+SB
One of said weapons is the Bow (Str/Dex/Eye) and for the sake of the example its Skill Base is 10.
The listed OML for the bow is SB2.

Occupational skill with the bow is OML+SB:
is this a multiplier of 12 to the skill base [10x(2 + 10) = 120];
or is it a multiple of 3 [(10x2)+10 = 30]?

Or am I missing something else? Neither of these seems to give decent results (120 seems very high, 30 seems excessively low) so I assume I'm interpreting the wording incorrectly.

As you can imagine this is causing me a headache - especially as I understand the rest of the rules. The militia ruling makes me think the first way is correct but this makes it seem impossible to get an OML for any weapons professional below 100 (assuming at least 10 SB).

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In your example, 30 is the correct score.

If SB is 10..

Standard OML for Bow is SB x 2 = 20

since the occupational OML is OML+SB it's 20 + 10 = 30

Yes, that's fairly low, but this guy is a hunter, not a combatant, and there's a lot more to being a hunter than shooting an arrow. There is also an optional rule "Following in the Footsteps". If this character's parent was also a hunter and this rule is in play, then you would add an additional 1/2 SB to the OML resulting in a score of 35.

Now keep in mind that the character has 5 option points to spend. If you WANT this guy to be a decent archer, you can spend one of those option points to increase it further. (In this case by 10 resulting in a score of 45).

Step v of the Milita rules is an error. Simply skip that step. Militia OML is standard OML (not occupational OML) + 1/2 SB.

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I agree wholeheartedly.

Once you put the option point in (raising the skill to 40), you have a very decent *starting* level character. If you want Robin Hood, you'll have to age him a bit and start pumping in SBI's.

As a GM, I can attest that an enemy wielding a bow with an EML of 30 is still pretty damn dangerous. My players know I'm out to get them when my archers start having EMLs of 50-70. ;-) Also remember that if you are using HMG, a marginal failure still has a decent chance of hitting the target... AND note that using HMG there are HUGE bonuses to hit for point blank and short ranges!

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Okay, that makes alot of sense. The actual character in question had a SB of 14 in bows... when I did it the wrong way I ended up with a score of over 200!

("Something isn't right here" I thought).

I'd forgotten about the bonuses/option points which naturally make a big difference. Plus optional aging and I can see why the numbers are still relatively low.

So.. that makes my SB 14 guy have an OML of 42. Yep, that makes alot more sense.