Kolâdis: Castle Town of Chélemby

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By Jeremy Baker, N. Robin Crossby et al
PDF document
39 pages (illustrated, colour)

In TR478 Clan Târkenby acquired Kolâdis, sparking a bitter feud with Clan Kalínby. Even when the Crown took over the castle, the rivalry barely abated. For more than two centuries, inter-clan conflict has been the norm in Kolâdis.

Last month the Kalínby mill burned down... No one thinks it was an accident, and the young governor, new to his post, has no idea how he will keep the peace.

Kolâdis is Chélemby's wild west, the rough-and-tumble centre of the herring fishery which feeds the masses of the capital city. Chélemby's usual factional disputes have a harder, more brutal edge in Kolâdis, but the Kingdom cannot afford any disruption of the herring trade. Matters are on a knife edge, and if things go wrong, the consequences could be disastrous.

This module describes the fishing port town of Kolâdis, over 60 of its key buildings, and its castle, Kolâdiskíkè. It includes many illustrations, maps and interior plans, all in full colour, including full-colour interior plans of the entire castle and the grotto deep beneath it. Details of the castle's garrison and the town militia are provided.

The Folk section contains descriptions and pictures (by Eric Hotz) of the town's leading individuals, while the Folklore section has local legends, gossip and current affairs, including the Legend of Chadîr's Beard, and details of the inter-clan feud. The Government, Religion and Economics sections provide useful background information on the town and its region.

Interactive bookmarks and links make it easy to find anything quickly. Kolâdis will also print well (in colour or black & white) if you want hardcopy at your gaming sessions.

We think you will enjoy Kolâdis!

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