Evánekin: Naval Port of Chélemby

Price: $10.00

By N. Robin Crossby et al
PDF document
27 pages (illustrated, colour)

In TR701, Evánekin became home to the most advanced navy of the northern world. The Castle overlooks a bustling harbour and a thriving market. Now, some say "all the world comes to Evánekin".

Evánekin is full of interesting people from Lesýl Dýsen, the 'wise woman' who claims to have swum to Hârbáal and back in one day, to Orin Pîrdas the priest of Sárajìn who cuckolded the 'King of Hèpekéria' and rode a great whale to escape. And let us not forget poor Kârvéth Lérdensen the mercantyler whose luck seems to have completely run out, or Kâl Láarsel who may just be the best shipwright in Chélemby…

Lots of illustrations, maps and interior plans, all in full colour, really bring the module to life, and the interactive bookmarks and links make it easy to find anything quickly. Evánekin will also print very well if you want hardcopy at your gaming sessions. New cleaner layout and formatting and amazing new cartography make this, arguably, our best local module ever. Two new sections: “Folk” and “Folklore” help bring the place to life.

Free Downloads

Keléstia Productions provides a range of free downloads to support GMs and players using the Chélemby setting. Downloads include the Chéler Player Guide, a PDF version of the poetic map of Chélemby City, PDF versions of the interior layouts, and more. These can be be found on the Chélemby Downloads page.