Chélemby City Map (Interactive PDF)

Price: $10.00

By N. Robin Crossby and Jeremy Baker
PDF documents
1 interactive map, 10-paged map guide, 1 Excel spreadsheet

Chélemby Interactive consists of an innovative interactive high-detail map of the city of Chelemby and an accompanying guide.

The map allows game masters (and players) to flexibly apply a set of informative layers (and dozens of layer combinations) in order to generate exactly the city map they need at a given time -- all in a matter of seconds and completely intuitively!

The guide comes as a separate PDF file and gives handy detail on all the city's different locations (following the map's key) -- allowing quick and easy reference during play.

As a bonus, a spreadsheet in XLS (Microsoft Excel) format is included in the bundle that lists (and gives detail on) the individual locations of Chélemby's three major settlements: Chélemby City, Kolâdis, and Evánekin. A convenient filtering function allows users to focus their explorations of Chélemby on certain groups of locations, e.g. listing all taverns or all franchises managed by a specific clan. The same data is also provided in a CSV (comma separated) file.

Free Downloads

Keléstia Productions provides a range of free downloads to support GMs and players using the Chélemby setting. Downloads include the Chéler Player Guide, a PDF version of the poetic map of Chélemby City, PDF versions of the interior layouts, and more. These can be be found on the Chélemby Downloads page.

Guide to using interactive "layers"

Here is a guide to using the 'layers' on interactive maps:

Note 1: The three separate documents included in this module (2 PDFs and 1 XLS) are bundled as a ZIP archive for your convenience. A fourth file is a CSV version of the XLS document.

Note 2: For the interactive map to display and work correctly, you need Adobe's Adobe Reader of at least version 6.x.

Note 3: The bonus spreadsheet file (XLS format) works well with the following freely available applications (for those of you who don't have Excel): Excel Viewer,, NeoOffice (Mac OS X).

Note 4: The CSV (comma separated) file is so that those not wishing to use the XLS file can access the same data. It contains exactly the same material as the XLS file.