On Divinity: A guide to polytheistic religion

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By N. Robin Crossby et al
PDF document
20 pages (illustrated)

Concerning the nature of godhead in polytheistic roleplaying. Guidelines on Divine Intervention and the underlying conceptual and metaphysical foundation of religion in the Kéthrian Family of Worlds.

Gamemasters... have you ever wondered: What are the social implications of polytheism? If there is more than one god, how can they all be omnipotent? So what kind of things are they, these gods? How do they actually work in roleplaying? What are the principles that govern their all too often weird behaviour?

On Divinity discusses these issues and more, providing a logical framework within which religion can operate in a roleplaying game.

Operating the gods (the biggest and most powerful NPCs of all) can be a challenge for any gamemaster. Should the gods really exist? If they do exist, why isn't everything in the game about them? If not, how can they be limited? How should divine intervention work? These are the kinds of question that Gamemasters have been asking since fantasy roleplaying began.

This essay may not answer all the questions about religion in roleplaying, but it is guaranteed to provide food for thought.

On Divinity contains interactive bookmarks & links.