What would people like to see from KP?

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Seriously - open question....


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a wishlist...


Chelemby City

Cities of Ledenheim

Something more from Harn

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Truly, I'm excited to see Kelestia Productions developing new material, but Harn has been well-covered and is being further expanded upon by the "other" company. IMHO, for KP to expend effort in that direction would be counter-productive; the market is limited enough as it is. The way things are now, CG is the source for Harn material (whether we like it or not) and KP is well-positioned to become THE source for Lythian material. In fact, I somewhat disagree with the recent publication of the Harn map. (I did buy both the .pdf and the printed versions, however - I support my preferred gaming publishers.)

All that said, I think that KP's current direction is exciting and open-ended. Chelemby has been covered and you're edging into Harbaal now. Those areas have never been covered in detail before. A logical further expansion might be Hurisea, which I would really enjoy.

My list:

Chelemby City

The other eleven kingdoms of Harbaal in small groups of one to three, depending on significance


Information on the tribal groups that surround these civilized areas

I'll buy Venarive (in any format you publish it in), but local material is much more interesting to me than regional overviews . . .


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A big adventure to move the players to these new locations that KP is working on, and make use of them.
I need a exciting reason to go there, and I have no time to design. Look at the old Traveller publication by Digest Publications. They took the entire setting and produced a series of adventures that moved the PC's around, with local fine detail. The PC's were a mixed bunch touring the universe for their own reasons.

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Emelrene - It's right next door to Melderyn, and what do we know about it?

- "Pardon me for living, I'm sure."

-- (Terry Pratchett, Mort)

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A maritime campaign in western Venarive would be an excellent way to introduce Hârn players to all those exiting, new locations of Western Venarive!

Trade, piracy, politics, high seas, treacherous reefs, rough ports, wild coasts, mapping, cultures, magic, gods... And of course wooden ships, iron seamen, cunning captains, intriguing supercargoes, farseeing pilots, burly harbourmasters, and a sea monster.

Thinking of it, it's all clear before my eyes: a tour in the ports of southern Sea of Ivae starting from Thay, a plot between the Ivinians and Emelrene (CoE?) drawing the characters into the Gulf of Ederwyn, and finally into wild mountains to discover... well, to discover Venraive. :)

You might want to get Emelrene done first. It's the other interlocking thing between Hârn and Venarive, and I think more important than Chelemby. :)


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I second Illka, you would not need to even fully develop countries yet...just the ports of call..

I would like to see as part of this a delineation of who the translators are in various areas? Priests, heralds, pilots, shek pvar, etc.

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There was some idea's thrown around about a Sleeping Heroes campaign.
But from my point of view is would be impossible, to start designing material without knowing what is already designed, or in the works. Otherwise time could be spent designing, that can not be linked into the KP material.
I third the seconding, anything that takes me to the setting and lets me play. Nuggets of design without to full kingdom would work. Just some local flavour/culture, that other fans could even expand upon.

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Many thanks for these....

Looks like Emelrene, and the Maritime Campaign, are both favourites.

By the way, if you *are* interested in developing for KP, just drop us a note on the Contact form. Allan - we can and do certainly provide those developing for us with a *lot* of detail about what has already been developed :)

Fástred na Beréma,
Rowánti na Sávè-k’nôr

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I thought the Venarian See Politics and Nations would be interesting, The Azeryan/Dalkesh/Karejian/Byrian and the Heperkerians would be interesting, though this is a lot of projects.

And I would hate to see Azeryan being a copy of Rome with it's pilum and Scutum using Legions.

Trierzeron Would be nice - We have has Info on The Ivininans, Shorkyne done pretty much in depth, Chelemby, etc.

Seems like as the strongest feudal kingdom it would be of interest to see Trierzon.

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Sierra Vista/Ft. Huachuca, AZ USA

I think the general gist is on target. The maritime campaign allows either sailors or travelers to visit many ports, that can serve as doorways to the interior of these lands. Each can be developed as time, resources and interest allow. The danger is in over committing, as we can only buy so much, and you can only develop so fast. I am sure we'd all like to see it all tomorrow, but we wouldn't be able to play it for a long time yet. Ledenheim was a nice start, fill in around it and the waters it adjoins.

But I am looking forward to Venarive.

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...however Emelrene would be the first thought.
On Lythia.com they posted the "unofficial" Triezon piece. If you are looking at a map, that would be the logical hole fill.

But I am somewhat intrigued by the nautical theme. Perhaps it is overambitious, but all the early pieces have been created. Plus the mobility aspect cannot be over-rated, unlike traditional Harnic campaigns which tend to get mired down in a single kingdom.

Though Hepakaria does hold a special place in my heart...
(...this can be continued forever.)

The Ancient One
from the Mojave Desert

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I would say, aftering perusing the new Harn map, I would like to see Ivinia, Shorkyne, Triezon, Northern Hepekeria, Azeryan, ... well you getthe idea, all done in the same format. I don't know how long it takes to make these maps, but if you could put one up every 2-3 months I feel with the quality they would be a sure sell, at least in PDF format. I am also looking forward to Venerive. Though as has been said here already anything that expands on the world in a meaningful way is appreciated.

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Chelemby city would complete the island.
An adventure mainly set on the island (with maritime connections, why not) would help newcomers to initiate their campaign on Chelemby.
Like 100 bushels of rye was for Kaldor.

Jean-Nicolas Joubert

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Regional overviews of Emelrene, Palithane, and Trierzon, in that order. Also like the maritime campaign idea. I think it makes sense to develop what will fill in the holes in the "Northern World", first with overviews, then with more detail. After (when) this is done, the Venarian Sea area would be nice, thus completing the continent (I realize this is a large & time-consuming project).

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Thanks for all the comments so far - they are very helpful.

Chelemby City is our next product, so its good that some want to see it.

Its also clear that there is lots of support for a Maritime Campaign, which I believe would be a good complement to Venarive.

Emelrene also seems very popular, as do more maps of the kind similar to Harn Interactive.



Fástred na Beréma,
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Rather than see new "world" publications, I'd rather see more detail in the HMG rule-sets.

Harn-master Military was due out quite awhile ago, if I remember correctly? Sometime around 1985, I think. ;-)

More background/rules for priests, etc. would be nice as well.

If I am "stuck" with picking World publications, then I can simply say that the sooner Venarive (I need to figure out how to easily insert the stress marks!) comes out, the better. :-)

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Will the city of Chelemby include the clan guide that was mentioned awhile ago for publication? Even something like that fan piece that covered the main noble clans of Kaldor would be handy. With a few adventure nuggets thrown in.

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A Thought,
Could the maritime campign involve the theft and pursuit of Royal or Religious regalia. It could even be tied into the Sleeping Heroes campaign idea.
So do the monarchies have such items and are they described somewhere? Like the crown, or scepter. But what other things would there be?

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C&F of Chelemby will follow Chelemby City. It had to be delayed because it was so inter-connected with the City itself. Once the City is published, the Clans & Folk supplement can safely be finalised and published.


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KP seems to be well poised in opening up NW Lythia for some serious gaming. When Chelemby gets more flesh on its bones with Chelemby city and C&F it would be great to also look south of Chelemby. Duchy of Alagon seems like a logical next step.

From my perspective, I would love it if I could start a campaign in Chelemby where the characters can be mixed up in local, Harbaleese and Alagon's intrigues and then as new modules appear send them out to Ledenheim, Alagon, etc. So ideally the new modules should be concentric around Chelemby.

Personally I wouldn't find grand scale modules of far-away places very useful. On the other hand a port-of-call, pilgrimage or trade route type thingy which I could just drop into my campaign without huge work would be very interesting though.

Before I feel comfortable in starting such a campaign I do have to wait for Chelemby City and C&F though.

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Looks like the Chelemby project is nearing completion. Will there be a bundle offered for all the Chelemby products when they are all done?

Adventures to compliment the world info would be very cool, then Trierzon, Emerlene would be a great next move, although it looks like you are trying to fill in the "gaps" in Shorkyne/Harbaal region (ie Ledenheim) instead.

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Hello Folks,

yes, yes, yes! I wish for all of these above ;-)

Seriously, I really like the direction, you guys are going! I think, either Harbaal, Hurisea or Emelrene would be logical next steps - after Chelemby city is finished, of course!

Best regards,

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...pointed out, the direction looks fine :-) But, how about Emelrene, due the connections to Melderyn ? Would be interesting to read more of that stuff.

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I would like to see a Character Tool and Campaign Management Software similar to the Columbia Games products. I manage my entire game by Mac, and these tools are important to allow me to do so. If Gold had the same products, I would switch to Gold for my campaign.

F. Scott Pfeiffer
Rumaging Around Harn since 1984

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When Hârn and Hârnmaster is the RPG you choose patience is the First Thing to learn.

I just wish there would be anything new. It is a long time ago that something comes out.

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It is ... but we are close....

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My kids that I GM for have been spoiled by the D&D 3.0 character generation software that came with that system's Players Handbook; they would much rather roll up a PC at the computer & print out the results than use pencil & paper to generate characters manually. I've found a few shareware/freeware Harnmaster character generators online (haven't tried downloading the one from Columbia Games yet -- don't know if it would be enough of an improvement on the shareware ones to be worth paying for the full version yet).
I think one big advantage of a KP Harnmaster character generation software product would be the ability to generate characters born in places other than the island of Harn itself. (Such PCs and NPCs could be useful regardless of where one's campaign is set; f.ex., Ivinians in Orbaal who just got off the boat from the "old country," some of the more exotic shop owners in Harnic towns, etc..) Include that capability, and I'd certainly be willing to download it -- and pay for it, too!

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So, I've been away for a while, but it doesn't look like much has changed. Can anyone from KP update the production schedule?


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Never will do. You have to wait until...

Patience ...

will come to you when you wait.

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Never say never....

We are working hard on completing Chelemby City. It is a massive undertaking, but we are in the home stretch. All the artwork is done, only a couple of pieces of interior layout / maps need completing and it will be done.

Following Chelemby City will be Venarive. Again, all the writing and development of this is done, we are only awaiting the completion of the artwork for Venarive, and the artists are working hard.

It has been, as I am sure people can imagine, a difficult period for KP, with the loss of Robin, the only person working full-time on product development; but a significant number of projects are in development by a great team of volunteers.

We fully intend to continue to support Robin's vision and work, and hopefully to delight you all.

Regards and thanks for your patience.

Jeremy Baker (Fastred)

Fástred na Beréma,
Rowánti na Sávè-k’nôr

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Thank You ;-)

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Aye, would be nice to see HârnMaster: Military. Follow that up with the various kingdom modules to give us room to use it... or even, since memory slips from me, the region of disputed warrior holds.

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Sierra Vista/Ft. Huachuca, AZ USA

This is a useful and decent tool, not as good as other Character generators for some other systems I have seen, but thoroughly adaptable to KP's scenario's. It's pricing is in line with other software of that ilk.

That said, a better tool could be designed. I am not going to say how easy it, because so many things alter other effects/costs/abilities and programming all of that would be a Bug Bear. If you require the player to make the adjustments, it's much easier to program, but much less attractive to use.

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I would like to see the connecting link to hârn: Emelrene.

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From then on, the odd Ivinian kingdom, Palithane, Harbaal, Hurisea, Trierzon fiefdoms ... (don`t get me started - I am waiting for Azeryan for well over 20 years now...).

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... and after that, Hepekeria. Really.

On the other hand, if there's one thing I have learned from Harn, Lythia, and perhaps even Yashain, it's that any topic can be a fascinating introduction to adventure.

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Hi all, new member on these forums here. Have been a lurker for quite some time and a fan of Hârn for a lot longer (the world, I am not much into the rules, to be honest).
As to what i would like to see (as my first post, i thought I'd try to add something with at least a bit of content ;) ) :

After Venarive is now out, i would like to see the rest of the lythian continent...especially north-eastern Lythia with Diramoa, Shoju etc. (and everything that lies between the countries described in Venarive and the ones named above ;) ).


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would be useful, too.

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Would it be possible to learn what projects Kelestia has in the works, I would like to vote on that list, as they would have a greater chance of seeing print.


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KP has several different products which are pretty far along in the works. What gets published first really depends on the availability of time and effort of just a few people, so I don't know that voting amongst them would mean much.

Anyway, what I understand to be publishable within the "foreseeable future" includes...

A rules supplement, which I believe is the current focus of development. (I could be wrong.)

A couple Ledenheim related products, one of which is maps.

An adventure module. The text may essentially be done but it is likely waiting for art and for the aforementioned rules supplement.

And of course, more Chelemby background material.

There is a lot of other material which is farther behind in development. Depending on what you are interested in, and whether you are willing to help in its development, something could get pushed ahead. Contact Jeremy directly if you would like to contribute.

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Of course, more maps..

I mentioned on another forum, that some system for generating manors being hacked out of the wilderness would be terribly useful.

I'd like to see more "up the Tirga." I imagine that other Harbaaler kingdoms will get the Ledenheim treatment, though Ivinia is in sore need of an update!

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I'd really like to see an HMG Ruleset for Fantasy Grounds. ;-)

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I'd like to see any (and preferably all) of the following:

Expansion of Lythia modules (Harbaal, re-release of an updated Ivinia, Emelrene would be top on my list).

An overhaul of the Shek-P'var book with expanded spell lists (say 100-150 spells per convocation, examples of spells going up to at least complexity 15, some sort of framework of guidelines for spell design and determining complexity, articles on the nature of magic and magical theory, discussions of things magic cannot do and beliefs about why (cf. Ars Magica 5th Ed for ideas about that) and more info on chantries, shek pvar and their relationship with society.

Rules for constructing buildings (and some indication of what it takes to destroy them, which would dovetail below...) and crafting (whether it be pottery, sculpture, jewelcrafting, armor, or weapons... the core rules make a start on this with armor and weapons but I'd like to see it rounded out to cover all forms of crafting).

New mass combat rules, including rules for seiges and seige engines.

Updated rules for ships and ship building, naval combat (including fleet engagements and piracy) maritime trade and maritime campaigns.

Kelestia products listed on DriveThruRPG, RPGNow and Lulu.com

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The forums have been quiet lately and aside from some very well-done map squares that have finished Harbaal, KP has been quiet, too. What's coming up next on the publication schedule? Inquiring minds want to know! :-D

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There should be at least two more map squares out before the need of the year. Maybe three if we decide to insert one of the easy ones (one with lots of open water) into the schedule. Honestly, one of the two should have been out in October, but work on it got hung up for a few weeks.

There is an adventure publication which I understand is chugging along towards publication, but I am not closely enough involved with the work to venture a guess as to whether it would be available for your Christmas delectation. I'm pretty sure you won't' see it before Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately, much of KP's current "works in progress" depends on three developers (plus artists' schedules), and the day jobs which pay the mortgage have recently been demanding the attention of at least two of them.

Jack's picture

We all understand day jobs and mortgages. Sadly, RPG work is often a labor of love...

Thanks for the update!

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Yes keep up the good work.

Really hoping its not long before more nations and cities are detailed though - maybe more people can join in to help?

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kjetil, KP has a fair number of contributors, although more are welcome. Just contact Jeremy if you're interested.

However, what KP really needs is contributors with enough drive to push a product beyond the half-written state and on toward completion. Nations are very difficult in this regard because of their length and because of the amount of material which has to be synthesized. Local articles about towns, adventure locations and villages should be much easier, but someone has to start the work.

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If you are still looking for input, my preferences are:

While I would also love more detail on Karejia, Byria, Hepekeria and Azeryan, I recognise the constraints on your work.
It may not be of much help, but I can offer proofreading skills if needed.

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The material in Great Clans of Emelrene just scratches the surface. I've considered writing an article on one of the islands in the Gulf of Ederwyn, but Given the fascnating interactions between the Free Ehmela, Chantries, Primacies, and the crown, I'm hesitant to make something that could lack the depth that this complex relationship could bring.

A product on Emelrene would compliment those on Harn nicely, as Melderyn has a shadily detailed shared past with the Last Kingdom of the Jarind, and most Shek-Pvar and Followers of Save-K'nor are likely to have made it to Berema at some point in their lifetime. It seems like something on the subject might already be underway, and I'd foot cash to see it done.

And on another note
Given that Robin apparently had some maps made up for a city in Hurisea, I'd surmise that there may be an existing framework to flesh out a Cties of Shorkyne (the grid square) module. While there are many more towns to approach than in CoH, (Tower Hills Reckons 24 'major settlements') a good bibliography directing the reader to Flemish and French towns might supplement an incomplete catalog. CoH has proved to be a highly extensible module (by fans, the other company, longer ago with Son Of) and given that Kelestia seems focused on developing the Shorkyne grid, this could be an excellent next step. A further asset recommending it is that the work could be distributed across multiple authors.

And a final note
Hero Games has had remarkable success using the Kickstarter method to fund a project. While there's a sacrfice of creative control that might not sit easily with Kelestians, I'd be interested to hear what y'all think of that prospect.