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Were did the Tavern go, and the archived chats?
I notice a new HarnChatters online box to the right, but I could not find were the chatters were chattering.
The Chat tab box on the top goes to a general discussion but the chatters were not there?

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While we investigate some more sophisticated Chat room options, we have moved to a single chat room. If there are no chatters there, its just that no one's there - not that they are somewhere else.

Both the "Chat" and "HârnChat" links go to the same place.

The main reason for the shift is people we ending up in multiple rooms, not necessarily with anyone to chat with!!



Fástred na Beréma,
Rowánti na Sávè-k’nôr

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I am on line now, and 'Who's Online?' has 4 people myself included, and up on the top right the other three people are listed under 'HarnChatters online', but when I go to the Chat page, I am the only one online. So what does the top right hand box mean about Chatters online? Were?

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There is a slight delay in the Chatters online display. Give it a few seconds and you should see the others in the display box.