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Hello All,

I am struggling a little with the point/stab injury levels in HMgold. For me it seems that melee point weapons, such as spear, dagger etc are having a quite big disadvantage compared with edge (and also blunt). Taking into account that armour defends differently for these aspects it still seems to me there should be a slight modification. Compare for example spear IV (with point impact 6) with a broadsword IV (with edge impact 6). The lists of the injury breakpoints is as follows:

Edge; *5+ 9+ 13+ 17+
Point; *5+ 11+ 16+ 21+

Difference: 0 -2 -3 -4

Hence for unarmoured the adge weapons have a considerable advantage (which is reasonable). For armour the defence differs (also reasonable of course) and gives point weapons an advantage. For instance leather+cloth gives 3 for edge and 1 for point. In this case there is still (almost) no advantage to have a spear compared
to sword. If we add 3 on the edge list and 1 for the point list above and recalculate the difference we get

Edge; *8+ 12+ 16+ 20+
Point; *6+ 12+ 17+ 22+

Difference: 2 0 -1 -2

So now spear penetrates easier on the first level, equal on the second and worse on the two higest levels. Since the first level is kind of insignificant bc it is usually beaten anyway for both spear and sword, there is still a considerable advantage for edge weapons. Therefore I was thinking of replacing the point list by the following:

Point; *5+ 10+ 15+ 20+

Does this balance out the game rules? Which is most realistic? Is it well known that swords normally are superior to spears? I would be very thankful for comments on this.

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Is it well known that swords normally are superior to spears?

Best advantage a sword had - it could cut and thrust, spear only thrust.

HM does not show this advantage well, TROS illustrates it pretty well though.

With a shield (Most common defensive "armour"), a thrust to the body is difficult a achieve sucess with.

Cuts however to the heads, arms, legs are more effective as they are tougher for a shield to block.

A spear can thrust at these areas - but it's less effective to thrust against an arm/leg/head than to swing.

Why - easier to strike these smaller areas with a swing, harder to hit with a thrust.