Harn - Play By Email Game

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Hello Everyone,

I've been playing a PBeM [Play By Email) now for over a year called 'Kaldor In Flames'. It is run by Dennis Duttond, who has contributed quite a bit of Fanon to Harn. The game has been ongoing for several years now (almost a decade I would say!). This game is run by one of the most dedicated GM's both in terms of commitment to (a) the game over past several years (I would venture to say nearing on a decade) and (b) also his love and deep knowledge of Harn.

So this is not a PBeM that will go the way of the dodo any time soon.

Unfortunately as time has worn on the numbers have dropped. Thus, this is an advertisement to see some new blood infused into the game. Dennis is currently running two campaigns. The original and a fresh one (using HMIII rules). Both provide ample opportunity to RP in a rich world crafted by a great GM.

Below is a link to a pdf advertisement he threw together to give you a brief overview of the games (as well as links on where to apply). If you have any questions feel free to PM me. Otherwise go on and create a character!


If you're having trouble applying or just have inquires reply here (or pm me) and I'll be glad to help.

- Q