Up Near the Top of Wellington, NZ

Wellington, it seems, was named for the Iron Duke and had nothing to do with all those sheep. The city is built on a cliff. Not the top of a cliff or the bottom of a cliff. It is built on the face of a cliff... well several cliffs actually. Everyone has thighs the size of planets because wherever you go it's somehow uphill going and uphill coming back.

Eyelashes are particularly useful because the wind likes to blow as hard as it can as much as it can... So tie your hat down and don't forget your eyelashes.

If you want to get away from thousands of cars parked with their engines running, noxious fumes and the need to stress about how stressed you are... If you want to spend the rest of your life painting in watercolours, eating in cafés that manage to be down to earth and stylish at the same time, eating "hokey pokey", and sleeping through the night, this could be the place for you. In the end, walking uphill is good for us, but before you go ask yourself this: "How much do I love rugby?"

L-R: Rob, Sue, Robin, Jeremy. Photo: S.MacLeod © 2007