Chelemby City

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I've only had time to skim this, but I liked a lot of what I saw. Interesting personalities, beautiful maps and all. As I don't own the other Chelemby area modules, I don't know how this stands in comparison to them (and how much connections have been written in).

Too bad it's much possible I won't be using this to run a game (so far I've been just a player in Hârn).

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Hi Horus

The following is the current series of Chélemby publications, and their relationship:

- Kingdom of Chélemby - overview of the realm, its politics, society and so forth (70 pages)
- Chélemby City of the Sea Kings - detailed description of the largest city in the region (155 pages)
- Chélemby Interactive - interactive map of Chélemby City, including multiple layers and an index.
- Evánekin - write up of the town of Evánekin and its castle. Details of key inhabitants (27 pages)
- Kolâdis - write up of the town of Kolâdis and its castle. Details of the feud engulfing the town and region (39 pages).
- Atlas Kelestia Folio 1 - regional map covering Chélemby and surrounding regions, including southern Hârbaal (39 pages, including maps and index).

Hope this helps.



Fástred na Beréma,
Rowánti na Sávè-k’nôr

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I've read Chelemby (but not thoroughly alas) and it's a great publication. So great in fact that it deserve a campaign by his own. However, there is some feature in this module who are (In My Opinion) a slight departure from the rest of the world.

-Some device seems very advanced, like the sewer system, grey line&fresh line;

-There are many free space enclosed by the wall in the city, perhaps too many when you see the cost of raising wall;

-The "police" is present, i'm not sure for all that this kind of organisation will exist anywhere in Kethira. Nevertheless, i think this is a great idea anyway.

So I am bean counter, this is a great work.

Please be kind with my english, I'm a poor frog-eater. :)

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> -Some device seems very advanced

Terisonen, This is a discussion that has gone on amongst Kelestia's developers. Chelemby's sewers are only one example where something seems "anachronistic". But it helps if you keep in mind that no spot on Kethira is meant to be a specific analog to particular spot on Earth at a specific time. Yes, it's been argued that Harn is supposed to be roughly equivalent to England in about 1199, but that's just rough hand waving. There are numerous elements that don't match that, not even by a century or two. You wouldn't believe the discussions that we have had at KP about, for example, the history of heraldic colleges.

There was some thought that the intro section of Chelemby about the Watch and the open cases should be called "CSI: Chelemby". :)

>So I am bean counter

Most Harniacs seem to be bean counters. Welcome to the crowd. :)