Chélemby: City of the Sea Kings

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By N. Robin Crossby
with further development by Jeremy Baker, Robert Schmunk and Ken Snellings
PDF document
155 pages (illustrated, colour)

Gateway to the world, a hub of activity and trade, the shining jewel of the Chel isles reaches across both continents and seas to bring home it’s prize, the wealth of the world.

From the City of the Sea Kings, seafarers and adventurers set forth to explore the world, or seek to make their fortune amongst the complex politics of the clans, trading houses and citizens of the city itself.

Chélemby City is the largest and most detailed description of a city ever produced for HârnWorld. Over five years in the making, this publication covers a vast range of topics and provides Gamemasters and their players with not only a fully-described city but many plot hooks and adventure opportunities.

The publication includes:

  • a 30-page overview of the city, detailing its history, layout and districts, government, military forces, leading clans, economics, religion, folklore and general life in the city. Also included is a glossary of key terms.
  • details of the City Watch, the Lìa-Kaváir factions, and the details of eleven cases the Watch is currently investigating and in which players may become involved.
  • write-ups of the twelve districts of the city, with over 320 locations and businesses.
  • interior layout plans and write-ups for more than ten key locations in the city, including the Parliament Castle, the Court of Appeal and Treasury, a courtesanry, a clanhouse, a theatre, a temple, an inn and a tavern.
  • a detailed poetic map of the city (a copy of which is available in the Preview).
  • over 30 illustrations of the people and locations of the city.

Chélemby City not only provides many opportunities to explore a complex city, but also a wonderful home-base for groups of adventurers to explore the wide world of the Northwest of Lýthia.

A preview of this product is available for download here.

Extracts from the product are also available for download here.

Please note, this file is nearly 70MB in size due to the large number of illustrations and maps included.

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