World's Largest Leggo

I often think it's better to stop six times en route than to fly halfway around the world in one hop. In this case, it didn't much matter what I preferred. We had a five-hour layover in LA.

Five hours is an interesting amount really... it's enough time to get a meal or walk about a bit, but it's not enough to visit Disneyland or Universal Studios. We'll do that another time. So, wandering around the airport it is.

Some years ago they built a new control tower in LAX and I think they turned the old tower into a resturant. It always looked like an art deco spider, but now they are refurbishing and it looks like it's been rebuilt out of giant Leggo blocks. All things considered, this picture came out quite well in a post-modern-industrial-geometric sort of way. Looks like a great place to play Unreal Tournament and get a meal at the same time... but the resturant was closed.

Photo: S.MacLeod © 2007