Chéler Player Guide - What do you think?

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As you may be aware (if not, see the front page!) we have just released the Chéler Player Guide.

We are very interested in hearing what you think of this (free) product.

Does it have the sort of information you and your players need to play in Chélemby?

What sort of things should we include in any such future "player guides" ?

Is this sort of tool useful?



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Does this have info I need to play Chelemby; yes, this is great.

A future guide could include more of the political intrigue connected to the island. But for a Ref to use. I personally am not a political person, but I could run more political intrigue, if it was laid out in front of me.

This sort of thing is excellent, alternate a 'playing in guide', and then a 'ref's guide'. How about some more detail on the clan's of the kingdom. A page or two on each clan would be useful.


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Hm... sounds like Clans and Folk of Chelemby :)

Allan - you are in luck ... that is in the works. It won't be free however, but it is in the works.



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Nice product! and free?

that's crazy good!