Weather in Chelemby

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i got a question about the weather generation procedure.
Are there any weather generation tables somewhere?
i haven't found any in the Modules of Ledenheim or Chelemby.
Neither in the very old Shorkyne module (Columbia).
In the original Harn and Ivinia Modules (Columbia) you can find them.
How is the modification procedure for the warmer and less rainy weather in Chelemby?

Thank you for your help

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We are aware of this issue - and in fact will be addressing it in Venarive - which will include a weather system and tables which will cover all of the regions of northwestern Lythia - including Chelemby.

For the present, you should find that "Cool Temperate" weather table - which is the table for Harn - will work reasonably well for Chelemby.


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