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Hi everyone...

Welcome back to the updated website!

What do you think?

Are you able to find what you want? Jan has worked very hard on the new layout, but we always appreciate feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Let us know!

Jeremy Baker
Project Director

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Hey All,

I bought (and extensively used) most of the 1980s Harn material, but I haven't used it since (playing mostly Traveller, the few times I've actually managed to game, over the ensuing decades). But a few months ago I joined an FTF group that plays mostly fantasy and now it looks like they might want me to run something. So I've started dusting off my old Harn material and also poking about online to see if anything "new" (to me) has come out.

Which means I've mostly been saying "Wow!" over and over, for most of tonight . . . :)

I'll likely use Pathfinder (my players are all firm d20 fans), but I'm still deciding if I'll start them out in Harn or teleport them there through a Godstone from the default Pathfinder universe. In either case, I think Trobridge Inn would be a good starting point. It's small enough for them to become intimately familiar with it - particularly if I start the game in the winter of 719 - yet centrally located, so when spring arrives they can head off in any direction.

Earlier tonight, I stumbled across someone's campaign journal on-line, which seems to have used an adventure based at Trobridge ("Pepper & Spice"?), that involves a Godstone under the old bridge tower at Trobridge. I was originally thinking that if I teleport the PCs in, it would have to be a bit to the north, at Elkal-Anuz. But perhaps coming directly into (or - rather - under) Trobridge would be better?

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Obviously not hard enough. ;-)

The source code is a mess. ;-) The (X)HTML is invalid.

Tastes are different, I find the new colour scheme a bit boring. Some colour for highlights could be useful.

Otherwise the site is nicely structured.

Oh, and you perhaps want to think about modifying the website to work well on mobile devices.

Building websites today is not as easy as it was ten years ago.

BTW, I just discovered the part about the fanon license. Fair stuff IMO. :-D

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Sounds like you are really enjoying "dusting things off" - sounds like its literally!

Have a look around at the new material - you may particularly find the Harn Interactive map interesting...



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Thanks for the positive comments - the coding errors are my fault, as I pushed Jan to "go live" probably faster than he would have liked... I wanted the new site ready for a pretty important new product coming out 'real soon' :)



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Personally I like the new palate - it seems in keeping with the feel of the Chelembic and Harnic material. I don't recall any particular navigation problems with the old build, but this new one seems fine in that regard too. So a thumbs up from me. I liked the image on the 'under construction page', by the way.....