Venârivè: Northwestern Lýthia

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By Jeremy Baker and N. Robin Crossby.
Electronic Download Product
Includes a main module of 250 pages (including more than 45 colour illustrations, over 15 maps, and more than 30 arms and badges), a multi-layered PDF map, a single-layered PDF map, a PDF index, and an eight-sheet spreadsheet.

Venârivè: Northwestern Lýthia is the essential guide to the region in which Hârn, the Misty Isle, is located. It provides Gamemasters and their players with the information they need for high-quality, rewarding, gaming in this world.

This extensive core module covers historical, cultural, social, economic, religious and other issues, as well as providing details of the all realms and states of the region from Ivínia in the north to the Gulf of Mafán in the east. Also included are detailed appendices which provide valuable reference material for gaming.

This product includes:

  • Venârive module (250 pages)
  • Multi-layered interactive PDF map of Venârivè (45 different layers)
  • Single-layered PDF map of Venârivè - with the 'default' settings for the map
  • Venârivè Index (30 pages) - also available as a free download
  • Venarive Tables - relevant data from the Venârivè module in spreadsheet format

Other Modules

Free Support Modules

Two free support modules are available for Venârivè: Northwestern Lýthia -

  • Venârivè Player Guide - a 20-page guide for players to the Venârivè region.
  • Venârivè Index - a 30-page reference index to assist Gamemasters to access the information in the Venârivè module. (This download is included in the Venârivè product, but can be downloaded separately).

Venârivè module contents

The Venârivè module is 250 pages long, and provide extensive detail on many aspects of the region.

  • Introduction and geographic overview
  • History and Chronology
  • Culture and Language - including cultural and linguistic groups, religious languages and scripts
  • Societies and Government - including social organisation, class, family and structure of government
  • Law - including crimes and punishments
  • Military - including models of military organisation
  • Economics and Trade - including rural economics, markets and urban centres, money and incomes, and trade and trade routes
  • Guilds - including details on the Mángai
  • Daily life - including calendars and timekeeping, weights and measures, food and drink, clothing, housing and architecture, education and literacy, art and music, as well as sport and entertainment
  • Folklore and legends
  • Religion - including various pantheons of Venârivè, minor and local gods and churches
  • The Arcane - including the Guild of Arcane Lore and the Shèk-Pvâr
  • Regions and Realms - covering Ivínia; Hârbáal and the Gulf of Shôrkýnè; the northern lands of Huriséa, Áltôr, Reksýna; Hârn and the Gulf of Edérwyn; Emélrenè, Palíthanè, Shôrkýnè and Tríerzòn; the Empire of Ázeryàn; the principalities of Gôris and Lánkor; Ûmélria; Karéjia; Hácherdad; the Empire of Dalkésh; Chogôro and Mafán; northern Anzelôria; the Empire of Býria; and the realms of Hèpekéria.
  • Folk of Venârivè, including historical political and religious leaders, philosophers and scholars, and other notable individuals, and a list of current rulers
  • Appendices - including the Lìa-Kaváir; Chantries of Venârivè; Titles of Venârivè; Colleges of Heraldry; Religious Organisation; Languages and scripts; Chéler trading houses (Kántehusen); Karéjian Larún; Tríerzi duchies and counties; Àzeryáni provinces and cities; Regnal lists; Venârivè Price List; Venârivè Incomes; Trade Goods; Port and Market Data; Tide Tables; Weather Charts; Venârivè Map key; and a Locations Index covering all the locations on the map

Preview of the Venârivè map

Venârivè Map Sample

This preview shows the 'single-layer' PDF version, the multi-layered PDF includes 45 different layers which can be turned on and off.

Using multi-layered PDF maps

We provide a guide to using our multi-layered, interactive, PDF maps: