Venârivè: Northwestern Lýthia is published!

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So... now its out...


Feedback is the food of us HârnMakers... so let us know :)


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So when do you start work on Eastern Lythia? (broad grin)

Congrats, Jeremy. Kelestia and the Harn community are exceedingly lucky you have taken up the mantle.

See you in NZ next summer.


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quoting a certain duck from Warner Brothers...


(Oyster shell closes cutting off maniacal laughter)

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Thanks guys and parteners of guys and parents of guys and friends of guys.


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Was the blockade fleet mentioned in the new module?
How many and type of ship?

I do own the new module, just no time with work to look at it.


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Nope, we didn't get to that level of detail for Melderyn.



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I am truly happy to see this release. Not only am I eagerly looking forward to absorbing the information, but this is also Kelestia's first significant release (for sale, not free) since NRC passed. This module demonstrates that the torch has been passed and that NRC's legacy will live on. Congratulations to the entire Kelestia team for what must have been an incredible act not only of perseverance, but of love . . .

Oh, the new website looks good, too!

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So far I am more than happy. A great job, and on a sad note, a real shame that Robin never got to see this one released. I couldn't be happier and look forward to many years of 'expansion' releases for various regions. That big, layered, pdf map of Meokolis for starters.

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Ever since I bought the 1st ed. Harnmaster rules from CGI (maybe about 15-20 years ago?), and saw that Azeryan was one of the regional modules in the future projects list, I've been wanting to hunt down every scrap of info I could glean about mainland Lythia. (So I bought CGI's Shorkyne module, downloaded the fanon Trierzon module from, and every so often browse Harn-related fan sites for fan community speculations about places like Byria, Dalkesh, Hepekeria, etc..) I've downloaded the free Venarive Player Guide from this week, and plan to ask for the full product as my Mother's Day present this year. (I may have to print it out on my black & white laser printer, though, unless I bribe my son with spare cartridges for his color inkjet printer. Or I could always hand-tint the illustrations on the black & white printout pages -- like people did with picture postcards a century ago!)
Anyway, well done, Kelestia Productions, and keep up the good work!

(UPDATE: My spouse just paid Paypal for downloading Venarive -- I am one very happy (and very "geeky") mom!)

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We really hope you enjoy this product as much as we enjoyed (mostly!) working on it.

It has been a real labour of love, and is a big homage to Robin by those involved.

You may be pleased to know that Robin individual and meticulously approved each and every place name on the map when he visited me in New Zealand in 2007. Robin was equally fascinated by all those far away places, and its one of my great sadnesses that he never got to see the fully completed product.

Still - its feedback like yours that keeps us going... so thanks again!


Jeremy and the team

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I saw the main file was 250 pages, and immediately decided to have mercy on my son's color inkjet printer (thank goodness I had a fresh toner cartridge and plenty of paper in the laser printer!). Then I looked at the folder the files had unzipped themselves to, and saw that my US$35.00 also included 30 pages of index, plus both single-layer and multilayer PDF maps of Venarive -- lots of very nice and unexpected bonuses! I haven't used PDF maps much before, and I like how I can zoom in on a region I'm particularly interested in. (In fact, I did that just now, while quickly retelling to my teenage daughter the legend of the founding of Byria -- I had the map zoomed in to 300% & centered on southern Azeryan, and could scroll up & down to display the regions I was telling her about.)
I read the link on this site explaining how to use multilayered PDF maps, and that helped.

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I spent way too much time on the weekend with the interactive Venarive map open and the printed module in my other hand cross referencing locations and plotting campaign ideas.

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Great job guys! I'm really impressed with what I've been able to go through so far. Still digesting and will be for some time.

One thing though that I hoped would be in the module but wasn't. The royal arms for Emelrene. Am I missing it? And if not is it possible to give the blazon, if it exists?


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So we noticed that the Venarive module description says "Also included are detailed apprentices which provide valuable reference material for gaming."

My husband wants to know if the apprentices are cute, as well as detailed. He also says that the interactive layered map was made by "very smart fellows, indeed... I see what they did there!".

Alas, a content review must wait until next payday.